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How beautiful to tie a tie

Before you a list of different ways to tie a tie. You do not even suspect the existence of most of them! With such secrets, you can look at all hundred at any time of the year! Now Knot of a tie - Your zest!

Each node should be evaluated according to four criteria: aesthetics, symmetry, difficulty and size. All methods, no doubt, correspond to all parameters.

how to tie a tie

  1. Eldridge node
    This is the most original way, resembling a fish tail. With such a tie you will conquer all!
  2. Trinity Knot
    This beautiful node has a three-sided symmetry. Initially looks very difficult and confusing, but in fact everything is extremely simple!
  3. Grandchester knot
    Such a knot is large enough, thick, slightlyasymmetric. This is the analogy of the classical knot. So you should tie a tie of silk or other light material, as others, as a rule, will look cumbersome.
  4. Cloak-knot
    With such a node you will not remain unnoticed ever! Technique is not the easiest, but if there is a great desire to stand out - this is for you!
  5. Fidelity knot
    It's quite a heavy knot, but if you look at it, there's nothing complicated in it. He does not fit the little boys, but will face any ladies' man!
  6. fish tail
    This knot is popular with men all over the world! It is very elegant and special, and performance is one of the easiest!

Now it will be easy for you to look stylish and elegant, you can Easily stand out from the crowd, And you will be remembered as a mod and will certainly ask how you did it!

Keep this record, so as not to lose, and surprise the people around with their originality every day!