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Skin Care on elbows and knees

That your appearance was impeccable, to take care ofEven about small things. Take care of yourself is not only pleasant, but also necessary - a well-groomed person is much more attractive than someone who does not monitor the condition of his skin, hair and nails.

Skin - a separate case, so that it looked perfect, you need to carefully look after it and eat healthy food.

Skin on elbows and knees requires additionalCare, because due to the accumulation of keratinized cells, it often becomes rough. It does not decorate even the first beauty ... it's good that you can quickly and painlessly make the skin in these problematic areas tender.

These 15 tools will help you! Also these recipes will help those who have elbows and knees to acquire a dark shade - Coarse skin Considerably differs from the usual. All the products are available and surely there is at home. Home beauty salon is open.

Skin care on elbows and knees

  1. Soda and milk
    Mix 1 tbsp. A spoonful of soda and 1 tbsp. Spoon of milk. Will get a gentle scrub that softens the skin without hurting it. Use this tool every two days, the effect will be magical.
  2. Turmeric, milk and honey
    Recipe of these oriental beauties. Curcuma has an antiseptic effect, milk and honey deeply moisturize the skin. Make of these three ingredients a creamy mass and apply to the rough skin for 15 minutes.
  3. Sugar and olive oil
    Make a paste of sugar and olive oil, rub your knees and elbows well. Wash everything with a moisturizing shower gel. Great result!
  4. Lemon and honey
    Make a miracle mask for a darkened and coarse skin from lemon juice and honey. Apply this mixture for 20 minutes, you can rub it into the skin intensively. The skin will not only become tender, but will brighten.
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  6. Chickpea flour and lemon
    Chickpea is a beautiful bean plant thatHas various useful properties. Now became a popular chickpea flour, it can be bought in vegetarian stores. This is a good remedy for the skin, helps to remove the top layer of dead cells, without injuring the healthy. A mixture of lemon juice and this flour - another version of the mask.
  7. olive oil
    Every day, massage the coarsened skin using olive oil. This oil not only softens it from above, but also deeply moistens the inner layers of the skin. Because the effect of its application will be long.
  8. Natural loofah of loofah
    Everyone who used this washcloth knows about its healing effect on the skin. The renewal of the skin occurs faster when you use this loofah, the skin looks like it's shining! It is worth pampering yourself with such a thing.
  9. Coconut oil
    Apply coconut oil to coarsened skin areas every evening before bedtime.
  10. aloe
    Apply gel from aloe (and if you have a home this medicinal plant - even better, apply freshly squeezed juice) periodically on the skin of the elbows and knees, 20 minutes is enough for the visible result.
  11. sunscreen
    In the summer it must be applied to the area,Prone to darkening, excessive pigmentation. If your elbows and knees have such a property - save them with the help of a cream. In addition, it will well moisturize the hardened areas of the skin.
  12. Vinegar and yogurt
    Mix in equal parts vinegar and yogurt and apply this mixture on the elbows and knees, hold it until completely absorbed. After that, well rub the problem areas with a washcloth.
  13. moisturizing cream
    Moisturizing cream is important not only for delicate skin of the face. Do not forget to lubricate your knees and elbows with this cream.
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  15. fruit juice
    Fruit peels are a wonderful thing. It is not necessary to buy a mixture of fruit acids in the pharmacy, you just need to squeeze fresh juice from a lemon, apple or grapes and smear it with rough dark skin. Clarification will occur after 10-15 minutes.
  16. sunflower oil
    In terms of savings, you can remember about sunflower oil, if the olive is over. Sunflower oil it is good to rub the steamed skin after shower, leaving oil for the night.
  17. pumice
    Gently rub the rough skin with pumice stone, then apply a moisturizer. Pumice works great not only in the case of feet, for elbows and knees it also fits - just rub it not so much.

Your skin will be smooth, silky, extremelyPleasant to the touch ... it is worth spending time and courting yourself, because the result will bring so many positive emotions. Your appearance reflects how you feel about yourself. Love yourself, appreciate, take care of your whole body, not just your face. Then your beauty will blossom in full, and this is so beautiful!

Show your girlfriends these valuable tips - they will be happy.