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Personal things that can not be shared

For sure, there were situations with everyone who had to lend personal things to close people. Like you realize that this is wrong, but it's uncomfortable to refuse.

Some of these innocuous things can cause irreparable Harm to the body!! Even if you are completely confident in the person to whom you give your property for use. We suggest you look at a list of things that are dangerous to lend.

Personal things that can not be lent


  1. soap
    After each use soap is covered with various microorganisms. Some of them can cause infectious diseases.
  2. towel
    Towels are breeding grounds for bacteria. The use of someone else's towels can cause skin diseases and fungal infections.
  3. deodorant
    Each member of the family must have a deodorant, because this means of hygiene also accumulates bacteria.
  4. lip balm
    Even if a person does not have a visible disease,There is a high probability of transmitting the herpes virus in this way. Above the lips are the blood vessels, which are very susceptible to various microbes.
    lip balm
  5. headphones
    This innocuous object causes the reproduction of bacteria in the ears. Staphylococcus bacteria and streptococcus accumulate in the earwax, and then cause various inflammations.
  6. footwear
    Especially those shoes worn on bare feet, can be a source of fungal infections. This is a personal piece of clothing that you should not share even with a close friend.
  7. Earrings
    Earrings can swarm with microbes, which are transmitted through the blood. Be sure to disinfect the earrings after someone has worn them.
  8. Toothpaste
    When the toothpaste is applied to the brush, the tube touches the bristles, the bacteria from the brush come to the neck of the tube. So be careful when using someone else's toothpaste.
  9. Pumice stone
    This hygiene item is an ideal place for the accumulation of various bacteria and dead skin. From the use of someone else's pumice stone on the foot can even appear Plantar warts.

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  10. Hair clipper
    The machine must be disinfected before use, otherwise on the scalp may appear folliculitis or acne.
  11. Nose trimmer
    This object is the carrier of bacteria of Staphylococcus aureus, which easily penetrate into the body of another person.
  12. Creams in jars
    When a person drops his fingers into the cream, the bacteria spread throughout the jar. As a result, another person who uses the same cream may develop a rash.
  13. tweezers
    When pulling the hairs with tweezers, wounds can form in which the infection will fall.
  14. Knapsacks
    Fungal infections and the virus of the papilloma (warts), which can easily be transmitted with the help of pedicure tools, can hide between the fingers of a person.
  15. razor
    A person may not even suspect that he is an infection carrier. So using an object that collects the dead skin cells of someone's skin is extremely risky.
  16. Bast
    Sponges are always wet, and viruses and fungi feel great in such an environment. If you do not want to get infected - do not lend a loofah.
  17. Toothbrush
    Your own bacteria will not hurt you, but for another person they can be dangerous. In the best case, you can get infected with Orz.

To someone these rules may seem too primitive, because everyone has known for a long time that personal hygiene items You can not lend. But there are situations when there is no time to think about it. Maybe then you will remember our advice.

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