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How to be a good husband

What could be worse than a woman who constantly whines, complains about life and looks unhappy? A sad sight, what can I say. Any man will say: endure forever unhappy Hysteric - unbearable.

Well, if this happens for a little while and you do notYou manage to marry her. But what if you are already married? Divorce, of course, there is no other way ... because so many divorces now, because women do not control their emotions at all and spoil the life of pleasant men in the most sophisticated ways.

Why do you think you did not see a hysterical woman in this woman? Because you fell in love with her completely different ... why everything has changed so much? Great hopes are too fragile a building material for Creating a family. Believe me, there is a reason for everything, every your action has an irreversible effect.

If something is wrong with your wife, then you have not been able to understand it, you have not tried to step over your own selfishness in order to make it comfortable.

Yes, nobody wants to infringe on themselves, but hereLies the catch ... the fact is that the better for your woman - the better for you! A happy wife will never control her husband, blame him for nothing and Scandalize.

You benefit from her happiness - next to a joyful wifeYou will be free, it will help you become better and take care of you with incredible zeal. Read these recommendations and think whether you have done everything possible to strengthen your union and everyone's happiness.

How to be a good husband

  1. Say
    Women adore listening to men. Your wife wants to hear you just like the girl you flirted with at a cafe today. Tell his wife compliments, constantly.

    This free method is the strongest antidoteFrom hysterics. Once every three days, at least remind her that you love her. If you love, of course. Although in addition to confessions you can find many other wonderful words that will warm the woman's heart and give her a sense of security. For the sake of this feeling she is with you.

  2. Give
    Women are always happy surprises. Accustom yourself to make small gifts to your wife without a reason - you can not imagine what a huge happiness for her! Although it is easy to imagine - give her some nice little thing and watch how her eyes light up.

    Make an unexpected gift - the same as confessing in love. This is the attention that every person needs.


  3. Hug
    Cuddling so nice! Probably, you have already forgotten how it is - just go and hug. This is a manifestation of tenderness that acts on a woman better than any expensive face cream. If you regularly iron and hug your beloved woman, she will become more beautiful every day ...
  4. stay calm
    If you are easily taken out of balance, think,Who of you two is a man. Everyone has emotions, but in men they follow their thoughts, not ahead. The female psyche is very complicated, this is due to the constant hormonal changes in the body. Accept this fact.

    The next time you see that the wife is "on the brink", - stay calm, create a counterbalance. And one quarrel will be less!

  5. a family

  6. Ask
    A woman is vital to share with youExperiences. Listen to her, without feeling boredom and grief at the same time. Here's the secret: that both are satisfied with the conversation, you can skip some places that relate to homeless animals or other interesting things.

    Some women are squandering on strange topics forConversations. Skip these blocks of text, but do not forget from time to time to ask: how did you feel about it? What were your emotions? With this secret you will be a welcome interlocutor for any woman, by the way.

  7. Allow
    Let the wife meets her friends,Goes somewhere without you periodically. It's so cool - and you will have enough time for your personal affairs. Be sure to sponsor her gatherings with friends. Of course, it is better that they also were married - but this is already as lucky.
  8. Be silent
    Here's what you do not need to talk with your belovedWoman, so it's about the former. Discuss the former with someone else, if you can not wait. Well, it's clear that about the mistresses, if you have them, the wife should not know. If you allow yourself such behavior, at least save people from unnecessary stress and despair. Try not to talk about your exploits in every corner.
  9. Plan
    Spend 2 hours a week with his wife, doingInteresting things - you can walk, go to a restaurant, work out together, watch a movie, paint. But it should be just your time. Even if you do not have such a need, do it. In time you will get involved, you will like. Intimacy is common.
  10. Improve
    Do your development. This is necessary for your wife and for you. We came to this world to become better. Read, train, learn new - the wife will be proud of you. With the husband who develops, one must be on the level - so this will stimulate the woman as well Work on yourself.
  11. romance

  12. Remember
    Always remember what all this is for. You should have a goal that is not connected with the family, aimed at the outside world. Family - your support, with a reliable woman next to you it will be easier to come to where you always dreamed to get. If you regard marriage as helping you achieve a selfish goal, you will do everything to save the family. Learn to motivate yourself like a man!

Yes, this is not a panacea for all the problems that await you in the family. But all women dream that they would act in this way. If you try to change your usual Behavior model, You will immediately notice how the person will be transformed next to you.

You will see gratitude in deed and feel unconditional love that will give you strength to enjoy life. Appreciate a person while he is near, so that later he does not cry from loss, as a child.

Do not believe the words you read here. Take it and test it by experience, does it work.