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Properties of coffee grounds

Every year on the planet 20 million tons of coffee are produced! So that all lovers of this A fragrant drink... but in the end the drunk coffee turns out to beA trash can. All because few know how to use coffee grounds in everyday life. Acquainted with the hidden properties of this valuable substance, it can be used for various needs. These tips will be a real surprise for you!

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How to use coffee grounds

  1. Fertilizer for your favorite plants
    Coffee grounds - good fertilizer. The thicket saturates the earth with useful substances. You can fertilize this tool not only houseplants, but also the soil in the garden. Earthworms are also delighted with coffee, because they will gladly loosen the land near your plantings. Unconditional use for the soil!
  2. Thick for fertilizer

  3. Odor absorption
    Add the coffee grounds to the ashtray - that's it.idea! The smell of smoke immediately disappears. Also coffee perfectly absorbs in itself all smells in a refrigerator and kitchen lockers. To avoid mold on the thick, dry it before use to refresh the air.
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  5. Powerful dye
    Everyone knows how well the coffee colors the fabric: Shed a few drops on a white shirt, you feel hopeless situation. But this property can be applied with advantage. For example, to paint Easter eggs with coffee beans.
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  7. Removing scratches from wooden furniture
    A dark coffee extract will mask the scratches on the furniture with success. Apply a damp thick over a cotton swab and rub the surface well. The result will please you!
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  9. Lifhhak for those who have a fireplace
    The damp coffee grounds will save you from the scattered ashes. The thicket binds the ashes and prevents it from flying apart. In addition, when the wood burns down, the smell of smoke will be muffled by the coffee aroma.
  10. Fire

  11. hair conditioner
    Use the thick as a mask-conditioner for hair - apply it to damp hair, leave it for 10 minutes. Volume and silky hair - guaranteed! And a pleasant smell as a bonus.
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  13. Spicy ingredient in meat dishes
    Roast, cooked with coffee grounds - it's incredibly tasty. Baked meat in the coffee grounds is easy to make, add to their recipes of originality!
  14. Available abrasive
    To grate pans and pots of coffee grounds is a pleasure. The dishes will shine, no chemistry. Besides the hands after contact with the thicket will become smooth and gentle.
  15. Thick in the cup

  16. Skin scrub
    From the coffee grounds is a wonderful scrubFor the skin! This is an effective remedy against cellulite - well rub the problem places with this miracle-scrub when you take a shower. The skin will come in tone and become very gentle. The constant use of such a scrub will help you forget about this unpleasant lack of skin.
  17. Cellulite

  18. A cheerful look
    Dark circles under the eyes can be removed byDrunk coffee. Apply the thick on the tampon and hold on the area around the eyes for 10 minutes. The effect is noticeable immediately - caffeine will tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles, remove swelling. So that in the mornings take coffee not only inside!
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Discover for yourself Benefit Coffee grounds! Applying it in everyday life, you can cope with many problems without difficulty. Remember these tips when you send another portion of drunk coffee in the trash. Coffee, without a doubt, a precious drink ...

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