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Products that can not be frozen

Freezer - this is undoubtedly one of the most useful things in the house. With its help, we can easily store certain products for up to several months.

But quite a lot of people make mistakes,Freezing those products, which in no case can not be put in the freezer. So that you do not make such mistakes, we have prepared a list of products that can not be frozen.

Products that can not be frozen

  1. Fruits and vegetables with a high water content
    Watermelon, apples, potatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables and fruits will lose their shape after they thaw. So it's better to immediately use them for food or think of a different kind of storage.
  2. Thawed meat
    In meat that has already been thawed, beginMultiply the bacteria that need to be destroyed by heat treatment. If you put this meat back in the freezer, you risk that the microorganisms continue to multiply.
  3. Boiled pasta
    If you put them in the freezer, then after these products are thawed, they will damp. If you want to freeze them, it's better to do it with slightly undercooked pasta.
  4. coffee beans
    Cold temperature can dry them, and they will lose their properties. Instead, keep them in a sealed container in a dark place.
    coffee beans
  5. Canned goods
    They are not intended for storage in the freezer. They must be stored in the storeroom. If you need to freeze the contents of a tin can, put it in a sealed container.
    Canned goods
  6. Eggs in shell
    In the shell freezer can crack and bacteria can get into the eggs. Instead, freeze the eggs in the ice molds.
  7. Creamy products
    Such products as sour cream, yogurt, custard should be stored in the refrigerator, and not in the freezer.
  8. Soft cheeses
    You can freeze hard cheese, soft it is better to store in the refrigerator.
    soft cheese
  9. Sauces, thickened with flour or starch
    Their consistency will change and will be unsuitable.
  10. Melted ice cream
    Freezing melted ice cream will make it sticky.
    ice cream
  11. Warm food
    Ready-made meals, After the first defrost it should not be put again in the freezer, this will promote the reproduction of bacteria.

Do not commit more such errors, because freezing these products can be dangerous to your health. Store the food correctly and tell your friends how to do it!