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How to use space above the stairs

No matter how many rooms there are in the house, there is always no spaceEnough. Someone long dreams of an office, someone needs another children's or a playroom for a kid, someone - a workshop ... the owner of this mansion was sorry for the unused space under the ceiling - so much space is wasted.

He did not dwell on some reflections on thisIdea and realized its wonderful project. It was necessary to spend time and effort on installing the floor and special support structures, but the result is staggering! See how you can do Additional room - it seems to me, it's even much easier than repairing a regular room.

How to use space above the stairs

  1. How much space under the ceiling is wasted! A man who came up with the idea of ​​building another room in this place - a genius. Of course, it's worth the effort - that's how the room looks before starting work.
  2. Door

  3. The first step is to identify where the floor of the new room will be located.
  4. repairs

  5. Half of the construction work is completed, laying the floor - the most difficult.
  6. floor

  7. That's what a pretty little room was formed in the end. Who will give up an extra place in the house if the child lives there?
  8. Nursery

  9. Conversion ending. Turned out a magic secret room under the ceiling.
  10. Nursery

The idea turned out to be brilliant! The additional room is comfortably housed children's things, windows fill the space with light. Such a game room is the dream of any child. However, this place is so advantageous that it was possible to arrange any room here - a reading room, a study or an art workshop.

Spare Guest bedroom Is also an idea. If you have unused space in the house, remember that it can be adapted for your needs, you just need to try a little. Creativity always brings the best results.

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