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How to grow ginger

Medicinal properties of ginger Can be listed for a long time. It is used as an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial agent. It is very useful for increasing immunity and is effective enough in the fight against viral and cold diseases.

The root of ginger even helps to cope with Bronchial asthma. In addition, it is a beautiful spice thatWill add a zest to any dish. But at the same time ginger is very expensive. So as not to spend a lot of money on it, try to grow ginger on your windowsill. So you will enjoy fresh and fragrant roots.


How to grow ginger

At home, ginger feels very good. The main thing - remember that the vegetation period of this plant lasts about 8-10 months.

First you need to buy a root of ginger. When buying, pay attention to the condition of the root: it must be dense and smooth to the touch and have live buds of renewal.

Before planting the plant, the root must be "awakened". For this, put it in a warm solution of a weak potassium permanganate and hold it there for several hours. Then put the root in a plastic bag, until the root "eyeballs", like potatoes, appear.

After their appearance, the rhizome is divided into several parts, each of which must have at least one well developed kidney. Place the fission well with powdered charcoal and podsushi.

Plant the divided parts of the rhizome into shallow,But wide tanks filled with fertile soil, with good drainage, which consists of sand and pebbles. You can make the soil yourself from turf ground, humus and sand in a proportion of 1: 1: 1/2.


Counterfoil lay horizontally, with the kidney turned upwards and fill it with 2 cm of earth. Water should be often and regularly, do not allow Drying of the soil.

First shoots should appear after 1-2Month. In good conditions, the height of the shoot can reach one meter. In autumn, when the shoots are dead, dig up the rhizome, clean it from the ground and keep it in a dry place. Part of the roots can be taken for use in food or for treatment. The other part is kept until the next season and planted in the same way.


Fresh ginger rhizome store on the bottom shelf in the fridge for about a month, and dried and shredded - up to 4 months.

If you can not imagine your life without this plant, try to grow ginger on the windowsill. So you save a lot of money and always have fresh roots.

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