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12 secrets of instant cooking

Do not always find the time to cook yourselfSomething delicious and useful at home, and the restaurant's food is not enough money? Well, from this, as well as from any situation, the output is found! Now it will not be necessary to think long over what to cook, or to stand for hours on the stove in an attempt to create a culinary masterpiece.

Disclose to you a few tricks that will help fairly save time And even money. These tips have long enjoyed thousands of housewives around the world. Breakfast, lunch or dinner are now prepared in a matter of minutes!

Secrets of instant cooking

  1. Three dishes - one answer!
    For sure you often use in your dailyRation of chicken. But, whatever one may say, one and the same dish quickly becomes boring and annoying. there is an exit! Save time, do not bother to prepare different dishes. Try to make in the baking sheet such partitions of foil - and several dishes for your choice are ready at the same time. Here is an idea: three dishes - one baking sheet!
    a hen
  2. One egg for breakfast is good, but a dozen is better!
    Eggs are not only an excellent source of protein, vitamins a and b, fatty acids, but also a breakfast of millions of people on the planet. The problem is that usually you can cook no more than 5 eggs at a time.

    To prepare a delicious breakfast in one breath, distribute the eggs in baking dishes and put in the oven for 30 minutes. TA-dah! You will get a lot of ideal eggs "hard-boiled".


  3. Smoothies for a couple of seconds? no problem!
    Do not have enough time in the mornings to mix dozens of ingredients for your beloved smoothie? A great idea: mix the ingredients of your favorite drink in advance, and then put everything in Molds for muffins And put in the freezer.

    All you need before breakfast is to put a couple of these unusual frozen "cupcakes" in a blender. A favorite drink is ready in a matter of seconds!

    Frozen smoothies

  4. Full combat readiness!
    Too hungry to play with dinner at the end of the day? Clean, cut vegetables and put them in special containers in advance, in order to save precious time.

    For example, such sliced ​​"zoodle" noodlesCan be stored for 3-5 days, and chopped carrots, onions and peppers can lie in the fridge for at least a week, if previously placed in special plastic bags.

    Ingredients for salad

  5. Watch the time!
    Fried vegetables - a popular popular dish on the table for everyone, but often waiting for 40 minutes to prepare it can be extremely tiring.

    Try to fry at the same time in a frying panProducts depending on the time of their preparation. For example, asparagus, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes are cooked very quickly, while carrots, cauliflower, onions, potatoes and parsnips require much more time.

    Fried vegetables with meat

  6. Do not gnaw too much!
    I'm tired of snapping instead ofFull nutrition? Often it happens and is very harmful - you will not have time to recover your senses by gaining a couple of extra pounds due to such a "meal." It's a great decision: to put such products in portions in plastic bags or jars.

    So it will be very easy for you to regulate your diet so that next time you will not "eat" too much!


  7. Health - in jars!
    oatmeal It is a useful product for any breakfast, adored by many people. But often purchased oatmeal with different additives is impossible: it contains a lot of preservatives and chemical dyes.

    Excellent solution - add to the pure oatmealFlakes favorite additives: raspberries, banana, chocolate, raisins, candied fruits - and distributed in different glass jars. Now every day begins with a full and healthy breakfast for every taste.


  8. No extra calories!
    There was such: like would add in smuzi a little that, a little of it or this, and as a result you receive a supercaloric cocktail?

    Save yourself from unnecessary calories simply: prepare the berries, fruits, greens beforehand, weighing them and distributing portions in ice trays. So each your shake will be as balanced as possible.


  9. Useful breakfast - for a couple of minutes!
    Has bothered to think out every morning, what such nutritious and useful to eat? Now you do not need to bother: make in advance "egg muffins" - blanks.

    And then in the morning just get them out of the refrigerator and heat it in the microwave oven, before wrapping it in paper towels so that they do not dry out. A delicious dish is guaranteed in seconds!


  10. Do not rush to buy!
    All the known rule: after exhausting training the body simply needs to replenish the protein stock. Just do not rush to buy in the store special Protein bars: They can contain up to 400 kcal and 28 grams of pure sugar!

    Try to make your own "energy balls": tasty, fast and unusually useful. A great solution in a hurry!

    Energy balls

  11. A shish kebab - it is tasty and it is convenient!
    Shish kebab is not only street food or an integral attribute of any picnic. do Homemade shish kebabs At home is very effective: so you know exactly how many calories you get in one sitting (easily calculated by the number of pieces planted on one skewer).

    Advice: if you use wooden sticks for this, do not forget to dab them in water so that they do not engage in flames during cooking.


  12. Your salad is always fresh!
    Do not you like to make a salad at home, because it turns out to be some kind of dry? Use an ordinary glass jar to always have fresh food.

    At the very bottom put the dressing to the salad, thenLay out hard vegetables such as peppers or beans, then green. Do not forget to cover it all on top with a paper towel that will absorb moisture if you are going to store a salad for a few days.


How do you like these tricks? They really help to save your time, and in many cases - also money. More than that: you always eat Organic products, The most balanced and nutritious. What could be better?

Try to apply them already today in practice. Make sure of this and certainly share it with your friends - they are too tired to suffer from food!