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Honey and aspirin

From varying degrees Pain in the knees and joints A lot of people suffer. Nothing to be surprised, because the knees are subjected to a huge load! Add injuries here during sports, overweight, age-related changes in cartilage ...

Knee injury

If the process of wear of the cartilage does not go too far to Relieve pain in the knee And eventually get rid of it completely, try using a home recipe from "so simple!".

Knee injury

Ointment based on honey and aspirin is capable of Stop arthrosis. Because honey is a natural biostimulator thatContributes to the development of articular fluid by cells adjacent to the cartilage. This, in turn, helps to restore thinned cartilage. Aspirin effectively removes inflammation and promotes the regeneration of all tissues.

Honey and aspirin

Honey and aspirin


  • 10 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)
  • 200 g of liquid honey

Preparation and application

  1. Aspirin tablets powder into powder, then mix with honey.
  2. Leave the mixture for 10 days at room temperature. Stir occasionally.
  3. Finish with ointment, brush the knees, wrap them with polyethylene, then woolen cloth. Fasten the compress.

Treatment of joints at home

Procedure is better to do in the evening and leaveCompress all night. At first there may be a slight burning sensation, but then it goes away. Complement the home therapy to strengthen the joints with an oat drink.

Take into account that the recipe with the use of honey does not fitPeople with allergies to beekeeping products! During treatment, avoid hypothermia, prolonged walking and standing to minimize strain on the joint.

Knee treatment with folk remedies requiresTime and regular application of the compress. Of course, do not ignore the drugs-chondroprotectors, rubbing and massage of the patient's joint, but do it better after consulting a doctor.

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