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How to live to old age

The earlier you start to practice these habits, The more you will live!! And it is important not only that the execution of theseRules will give you longevity. The main thing is that you will be able to feel healthy, blooming and full of energy until the very last day of your life. Read about what needs to be done every day so that your youth will be eternal.

How to live to old age

  1. Be active.
    The more you walk, the run, the swim, theBetter your health. To save one's activity is to prolong youth. Digging potatoes once a year is wonderful, but much better for your health - the regime of daily exercise. Learn to enjoy physical activity.
  2. Often get up.
    In the continuation of the theme of physical activityYou remind me that you need to get up more often. Just get up from time to time during work. This will prolong your life for years - the heart will work better, the spine will be even. Blood circulation in the brain will also be more active, which will prevent the development of senile sclerosis.
  3. Pensioners

  4. Drink a glass of wine a day.
    It is this amount of alcohol that is the optimal daily dose. Wine will strengthen your blood vessels, make the nervous system more relaxed. A glass of wine a day - a potion for longevity.
  5. Quit smoking.
    Smoking is evil, whatever one may say. If a glass of wine a day you can afford to overturn, then it is better to give up smoking altogether.
  6. Eat nuts.
    Eating nuts extends life! Nuts contain valuable substances that help the body to save itself from heart disease and diabetes. So eat the nuts: it's tasty, and useful.
  7. Eat sushi.
    Lovers of sushi triumph: it is a very useful food, without any doubt. Omega-3 acids, which are present in large quantities in land, significantly prolong life.
  8. Eat dark chocolate.
    Black chocolate is very useful for the heart. Eat it twice a week, and you will strengthen the heart muscle.
  9. Drink green tea.
    Antioxidants that are found in green tea,Not only save from infections, but also prolong life. Drink more green tea - so you cleanse the body of toxins and help him resist various diseases.
  10. be happy.
    Take life as an exciting game. Mental harmony and balance - something that is guaranteed to prolong your life and keep your sanity to the last days.


The secret of longevity Start taking care of yourself Even in his youth. Tell everyone about these tips that can prolong life for years, think about your loved ones.