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Design of a small room

Design makes our life cozier. How wonderful that with the help of the correct design of the room you can solve many problems related to the size of the room and its functionality. You are offered options for the best design of small rooms. It is not only impeccable Color matching, But also the harmonious connection of the lines and the correct Combination of parts.

Be inspired by these examples of the design of smallRooms - perhaps you will want to arrange such beauty at home. Remember that your mood and state largely depend on what kind of situation you are constantly in.

Small room design

  1. The design of the room in crimson colors is a good option for those who combine a study and a bedroom. Red color stimulates brain activity.
    Room in red tones
  2. The most delicate color and many shelves make the room very feminine.
    Purple color, room
  3. Option for registration Room teenager. Special emphasis on a compact sofa.
    Teen room
  4. minimalism - style for all time.
  5. Lilac color creates a cheerful atmosphere.
    Salad room
  6. Great room for twins!
    Room for twins
  7. The two-storeyed room performs two functions at once. On the top - a bedroom, at the bottom - an office.
    Bunk room
  8. A secret room - that's exactly the way it should look.
    Chamber of Secrets
  9. Very clever decision ...
    Salad room
  10. Freshness, cleanliness, nothing superfluous. Ideal for work and leisure.
    Room in pastel colors
  11. And would you like to have such a room?
  12. Yellow color ennobles the space.
    Yellow room
  13. Design in high-tech style.
    high tech
  14. A room in which nothing will stop you from concentrating.
  15. Incredibly cute ... I want such a chair!
  16. Purple room.
    Purple room
  17. And a table and a sofa by the window - it's a dream!
    Sofa by the window
  18. The best option for travel enthusiasts.
    Home for travel enthusiasts
  19. Room of a real girl.
    Room for a girl
  20. That's how much everything can be placed on a completely small space.
    Compact room
  21. Natural colors and materials are very soothing.
    Natural materials
  22. Improvised room under the ceiling.
    Room under the ceiling
  23. Room in business style.
    Room in business style
  24. Pink color can also be elegant.
    Pink room
  25. This is what a child needs! Wonderful functional bed.
    Functional bed
  26. Stunning design. Wardrobe and bed, connected together, save a huge amount of space.
    Space saving
  27. Corner for reading. In such a place you need Teach children to read!!
    Reading corner
  28. Insanely beautifully executed project. This room is inherent in absolute harmony.
    beautiful room
  29. On the second floor - additional guest room.
    guest room
  30. Virtuoso design of the room for the athlete.
    Room for an athlete
  31. Room-cabinet of business partners.
  32. Study room

  33. An ideal division of space for roommates.
  34. Division of space

  35. Room in ascetic style, for the student.
  36. Student room

  37. Room of a creative person. Artistic approach to architectural problems.
  38. Room of a creative person

  39. An athlete is a way of life ...
  40. Athlete's room

  41. Bedroom, which you always dreamed of.
  42. bedroom

  43. Room with a bright mood. Very important light in the design of the room.
  44. Bright room

  45. House on wheels.
  46. House on wheels

Designers have tried to fame by developingSo interesting interiors. What version of the design of a small room like the most to you? So at once you will not choose - they are all extremely successful. Let in your house always reigns order, comfort and beauty. Tell us about these Examples of design Small rooms to their friends, it deserves their attention.