/ How to get rid of flabby arms

How to get rid of flabby arms

In the hot summer, everyone wants to wear lightT-shirts and sleeveless shirts. But often you can not afford it, because you are embarrassed ... your hands. It's time to admit the bitter truth: because of flabby hands you feel insecure, and it looks completely unattractive.

Someone has this problem with age, and many have come across this simply because they do not exercise or have scored a couple of extra pounds. Often women have so-called "Jelly hands" After pregnancy as a result of hormonal changes in the body.

Whatever the reason, if such a problem exists, it is necessary to proceed to radical actions.

Flabby hands

Fortunately, in our time there are many ways to correct this situation. For this you need to understand that only exercises will not be enough.

If you pump the muscles, but they will continue to cover the layer of fat - outwardly nothing will change. So many take a cardinal decision to lose weight. But here, too, you need to be extremely honest: Losing weight By itself can only make your hands thinner, but without exercise the view will still not be so hot.

Which is why it is necessary to balance the diet and exercise to work in pairs, and the achievement of the goal was effective.

Proper nutrition

For sure everyone is familiar with the golden rule: The food that you eat has a big influence on how you look. So start eating salmon, which helps moisturize the skin. Except for fish, you must add to your diet citrus fruits (especially lemons and oranges), strawberries, blackberries. These foods are rich in vitamin c, which helps the body produce collagen.

Products that should be consumed

  • veal
  • a hen
  • Hazelnut (hazelnut)
  • Polka dots
  • Lentils
  • almond

Exercises against "flabby arms"

Because you change the diet a little, youYou want to fasten it all with exercises to tighten the skin of your hands. Regular exercise of these exercises will help you make the skin more elastic, and also provide oxygen to the hands.

  1. push ups - a classic and extremely effective method of combatingWith "jelly hands". Lie on the floor, you can bend your knees a little. Make sure that your hands are on the same line with your shoulders. The main thing: keep your back straight, when you bend your elbows and go down, and also do not forget to climb at a slow pace.
  2. Use of dumbbells is another way out ofPosition. Stand: one leg in front, the other in the back. You can hold one hand for a bench or some other surface, while the second arm with a dumbbell rises to the height of the shoulders. Do not forget to alternate hands.
  3. dumbbells

  4. You can also increase the load in Exercises with dumbbells. Spread your legs across the width of your shoulders. First, raise your hands to the height of your shoulders (bend your elbow so that you reach a 90 degree angle), and then - over your head. So you put a "double blow" on your flabby hands. Doing exercises, do not forget to keep your back straight!

As you see, if you approach the problem in a comprehensive manner, you can very soon get rid of it altogether. In a few weeks you will notice that your hands have become taut.

But do not stop there, do it,What you need until you achieve ideal results. And then do not doubt: in the summer you will look just stunning! Share this post with your friends - let them also begin to prepare for the hot season right now.