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10 recipes for express hair restoration

Undoubtedly beautiful and healthy hair - the dignity of any girl (and not only!). But often fate plays against us: daily blow-drying, styling, improper food, care products with high concentration of chemicals, weather conditions, poor ecology cause the terrible state of your hair.

Think that only super-expensive means for hair restoration and exhausting procedures in the Beauty salons? You are mistaken! Because once the women had strong and thick hair without all this. But all because ... they used exclusively Natural means For hair care.

After many years, severalRecipes, thanks to which your hair will become thick, beautiful, shiny and, most importantly, healthy. Here is this top list, keep a note!

Recipes for hair restoration

  1. Do you have kefir, mayonnaise or curdled milk in the refrigerator? They are perfect for hair care.

    Apply some of these products to the roots of the hair,Then put a polyethylene hat on your hair, wrap it with a towel and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it better not with shampoo, but with decoction of herbs or warm water with the addition of a few drops of vinegar. Such a mask will well clean the roots and strengthen the hair follicles.

  2. Now quite popular became keratin hair straightening, But not everyone can afford it.

    There is a way that costs a penny, and the effect givesNothing is worse. Add a small amount of your usual shampoo 1 egg, 1 tbsp. L. Dry gelatin and 1 tsp. Cognac. Slowly beat, lest there be lumps, and apply this mass to the hair. After such a procedure, the hair will instantly become thick and shiny.

  3. Looking for an effective, but inexpensive means forHair care? Rather run to the pharmacy and buy vitamins a, e or c - they are worth a penny, but they are amazing. You only need to add them to the shampoo with calculation: 1 tablet for one dose.

    You will see, the hair will become obedient, will not shine and fall out. As an alternative to vitamins, you can choose any essential oil. Especially good in this case, the oil of lemon, geranium, lavender.

  4. If finance allows - you can purchase special Ampoules for hair, They are now in pharmacies and stores even a dime a dozen. When there is no time to sit 1-2 hours under the mask, you can replace the polyethylene cap that you usually use on the foil: this will shorten the procedure time by half.
  5. Good and old methods - to rinse hair Infusions of different herbs (Hops, chamomile, burdock, nettles).

    To make the infusion, you need to pour the grass with boiling waterAnd wrap, two hours later the miracle-conditioner is ready. It is usually taken 3-4 tablespoons of grass per liter of water. Hair after such procedures are soft very obedient! You can also rinse hair with water with the addition of fruit vinegar (apple or grape) - the effect will not be worse.


  6. Eternally struggling with split ends, but every time to put a mask oh how laziness? Just lubricate the tips of your hair Burdock (castor, linseed) oil. The only warning: it should be washed very carefully (at least 2-3 times). And more: you need to apply oil in a small amount, otherwise you will not be washed away.
  7. Salt not only perfectly corrects the taste of food, but also helps in daily hair care. How to apply it?

    Rub a pinch of salt (preferably iodized salt) inWet hair, while slightly massaging the head (for convenience, it is best to do this in the bathroom). Then everything as usual - wash your head thoroughly, apply a balm or mask, wash away with warm water. Result: the hair will cease to fall out, become soft.

  8. Quite popular now means - the so-called "gypsy conditioner". Take a bulb of medium size, cut it with rings and soak in half a glass Of Roma for a day. Then strain well and rub the remaining liquid into the scalp.

    When hair is lost this remedy is considered the most effective.


  9. In the medicine cabinet was lying around aspirin (It is also known as acetylsalicylic acid)? Add just two tablets to your shampoo - and the result is amazing. Hair combs easily even those who have them often get confused. The effect is guaranteed!
  10. Mix egg yolk with a couple tablespoons ofCheap cognac. Put the mixture on your hair, wrap your head in a plastic bag, and then wrap it in a warm towel. Wash the mask after 20 minutes. You will see, after the first application the hair will become fluffy and shiny.

This proves once again that it is not necessary to spendA lot of money for hair care products. By the way, one more tip: do not overdo it! Such procedures, of course, are good, but they can not be spent every day: optimal regularity - 1-2 times a week. Let everyone envy your thick and beautiful hair!

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