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How to Draw Flowers

You have a great opportunity to surprise everyone with your mastery of the artist. With the help of this instruction anyone will draw flowers of rare beauty. Do it with colors, like a real professional.

Even if in the past you did not have any craving for Fine arts, Now you will feel how coolMost to create something beautiful. Consider carefully these pictures - a step-by-step image of the workflow is understandable even to the child. This is good material to teach a kid to draw magic flowers and learn with him. For work!

How to draw flowers

  1. sunflower
    To draw this flower - simply, most importantly - to make petals that differ in shape and shade. Because real sunflowers do not have the same petals.
  2. How to draw a sunflower

  3. Carnation
    The elegance of this flower can be emphasized with the help of color. That the flower came out terry, volumetric, it is enough to use dark and light colors of the same color when decorating petals.
  4. How to draw a carnation

  5. Poinsettia
    A bright flower, which is very easy to draw, - you can experiment with a fantastic form as you like. A great option for those who adore abstraction.
  6. How to draw a flower

  7. snowdrop
    A traditional flower, which everyone likes to draw for the holiday on March 8. Feel the approach of spring - draw a snowdrop.
  8. Snowdrop pattern

  9. Climbing plant
    This picture is perfect for decorating postcards around the edges, looks like an ornament. Antennae of a bizarre shape look very unusual and successfully complement the composition.
  10. Figure of a climbing plant

  11. gladiolus
    A colorful flower, which is a pleasure to portray. If you like gladioli, be sure to read how to draw them correctly.
  12. How to draw a flower

Drawing develops Creative skills And adults, and children. This is a wonderful way to spend time with benefit, creating chic compositions. Drawing flowers with these simple recommendations, you will surprise everyone with your talent. Pictures turn out incomparable! Remember what a pleasure drawing brings - just the inspiration to create.

A few bright colors and creativity will not interfere with anyone on a gloomy winter day - show these schemes for drawing to your friends.