/ How to reduce the stomach

How to reduce the stomach

If it comes to the size of the abdomen, then every inch is important. But there are a number of habits, getting rid of which you can easily remove the extra centimeters from the abdomen.

Causes can be quite different: excess air in the digestive tract, too much water or abuse of loved ones Steaks. Regardless of this, you can reduce the size of your abdomen or, at the very least, remove Bloating feeling.

How to reduce stomach

  1. Stop eating too fast.
    If you badly chew food and swallow it quickly, there is a high probability that air will get into the digestive tract, and this increases the size of your stomach.

    This air will give you a lot of discomfort, and you will feel a strong bloating. Plus food will be digested much more slowly.

  2. Do not abuse sweet water.
    Yes it is tasty and it is difficult to imagine life without it. But all these bubbles also cause bloating. And dietary soda is even worse.

    Artificial sweeteners of this drink are not digested by your stomach and make your stomach bigger. Reduce consumption of soda or drink it with ice.


  3. Out of use packaged products.
    In foods such as canned food, cereals, chips, seasonings, you can keep a large amount of sodium, which is not particularly useful for your digestion and health in general.

    Include in the diet fresh fruit, cereals and vegetables, naturally, with a low sodium content.

  4. Stop eating before bed.
    If you eat right before bed, the food will be digested much more slowly, and in the morning you will feel a weight in the stomach. You need to stop eating at least 4 hours before bedtime.
    Night snacks
  5. Watch out for your body's reaction to food.
    Allergy or intolerance to certain foods can cause bloating. For example, lactose intolerance is fraught with such a consequence.

Get rid of these habits to remove excess inches from your abdomen. By doing this, you will feel light and stop feeling uncomfortable in the stomach.

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