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Useful properties of celery

After you learn these amazing factsAbout the effect of celery on health, you will eat it with pleasure! Even if you do not like greenery, you can always come up with dishes where the celery will be successfully harmonized with other products - soups and salads with celery are unusually fragrant.

Only one sprig of celery per day is capable ofBring your body a huge benefit. The key to health is a balanced diet. Add celery to your diet, and your health will improve significantly.

The benefits of celery

  1. Celery - Low-calorie product, One stem contains only 10 calories. This is important for those who are in constant struggle against excess weight.

    Add celery to your salad instead of a more caloric ingredient. You will get a dish with a high fiber content, but very easy!

  2. Celery helps fight infections, itImproves immunity. If you have asthma, chronic bronchitis, acne, - be sure to eat celery regularly, so you will recover much faster.
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  4. If you eat a celery stalk at night, yourSleep will be calm. Celery has a calming effect on the nervous system due to different trace elements, which are present with interest. For example, magnesium - it is thanks to him that you will feel more relaxed.
  5. Celery promotes Elimination of toxins From the body. Add celery to your menu, if you have eaten or drunk the day before, this plant will quickly restore balance in the body and give you cheerfulness.
  6. Celery contains a very large amount of water, it will perfectly moisturize your body. after Dehydration Eating a celery is a good idea.
  7. Very important for health is the right oneWater-salt balance in the body. As already written above, celery has in its composition a sufficient amount of water. And even in celery there are natural Mineral salts - it is useful for bones and various metabolic processes in your body.
  8. If you have problems with vision -Use celery. One branch of this plant contains 10 percent of the daily requirement of the body in vitamin a. Vitamin A is also very useful for the skin.
  9. In celery there is a substance thatHelps to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. It is thanks to this component that the greens can be stored for so long. Celery is a powerful source of natural antioxidants.

  10. Phthalides - the so-called unique compounds, rich in celery. They help to lower blood pressure, so that anyone who suffers from hypertension can be advised to eat celery.
  11. This beautiful plant can improve your sex life, because it contains pheromones! Eat celery before a date - success is guaranteed.
  12. Luteolin is a flavonoid, it is also present inCelery. This antioxidant is very strong, it can stop the development of cancer cells in the body! To prevent cancer, you must include in your menu celery.

Go to the question of eating celeryCreatively - it can be used not only in salads. Sandwiches with celery and eggs - it sounds good, does not it? There are a lot of interesting recipes, where the celery supplements the palatable scale very successfully.

Useful properties of this product soSignificant and varied, that it is a sin not to eat a green twig at dinner. Celery with success can be grown even at home on the windowsill, like a pot - you can always have fresh greens! For beauty and health it is worth trying ...

Tell everyone about the healing properties of celery, it is indispensable for health and well-being.