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How to be photographed correctly

There is also this: You look at your own photos, but they did not come out really well, although they seem to have chosen good clothes, the make-up lay perfectly, and the background and lighting were selected by professionals. The whole point is that for a good photo shoot this is certainly important, but also the poses chosen by the model play a huge role.

Now you are skeptical, waving your head, rememberingSuch a word as photogenic. Stop dumping everything on this not quite clear thing. Believe me, even the coolest photomodels and painted beauties have their own "Unsuccessful" angles.

And what you see on the pages of glossy magazines is not a natural talent, but simply correctly chosen poses, which everyone has calculated for himself individually.

We offer you examples of correct posing in front of camera lenses. Try, choose, experiment, learn - and then you can maximize Open up in a photo And always get excellent. Run to the mirror - practice!

How to be photographed correctly

  1. Behave liberated.
  2. Poses for photos

  3. Add more Naturalness.
  4. Poses for photos

  5. Try to use improvised materials.
  6. Poses for photos

  7. Forget about Static poses.
  8. Poses for photos

  9. Do not forget about playfulness.
  10. Poses for photos

  11. Open your best sides.
  12. Poses for photos

By the way, professional models long and carefullyWork out the "art" of changing poses in front of a mirror. You can also try: imagine yourself as one of the actors, pretend to be some kind of animal, imitate different states.

And remember: the main thing is naturalness and the right emotional mood. Be a goddess in front of camera lenses!

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