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How to cut foods correctly

One of the first skills that a cook learns is the ability to correctly, Quickly and beautifully cut the products. Agree that this is very important in cooking. For sure you would like to learn this and make your life a little easier.

We present to you 10 ways to easily and quickly cut your favorite products. Try it, it's interesting and not at all difficult!

How to quickly cut food

  1. Cherry tomatoes
    Put tomatoes of the same size between two flat dishes, then pass between them a sharp knife. In this way you can also cut grapes!
    Slicing cherry tomatoes
  2. kiwi
    Cut off the top of the kiwi with a knife and eat the fruit with a spoon.
    Slicing kiwi
  3. avocado
    Cut the avocado in half and eat it, like a kiwi, with a spoon.
    Slicing avocado
  4. mandarin
    The one who devised this method deserves a prize in the field of cooking.
    Sliced ​​mandarin
  5. Garnet
    Cut off the tip and the bottom of the pomegranate. Make cuts on the sides. Then break the grenade into pieces.
    Garnet cutting
  6. watermelon
    To eat a watermelon and do not splash, cut corners from a piece.
    Slicing watermelon
  7. cake
    To ensure that the cake is not stale, cut out the central part in it. And then connect the formed parts together.
    Slicing cake
  8. mango
    Easy movement of the hand ...
    Slicing mangoes
  9. bow
    How to properly cut a bow, you can see in the photo. And from us the next lifhak: in order not to cry, when you cut an onion, chew mint chewing gum in the process.
    Onion cutting
  10. banana
    Everything is really very simple.
    Slicing a banana

Perhaps you will not use all these methods for Slicing products, But agree that most of them have amused you.

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