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How to increase the efficiency of the brain

We used to think that with age mental capacity The memory becomes worse and it is more difficult for us to lead a full-fledged way of life.

But it's just a myth: scientists are sure - we can be smart to the last breath, and intellectual abilities depend on our way of life.

Follow these simple tips - and you will keep your brain healthy until old age and even increase the efficiency of its work!


How to increase the efficiency of the brain

  1. Every day train your intellect.
    Crosswords, puzzles and other intellectualTasks are what our brain needs. This is akin to physical exercises for the body: when we load the brain, we strengthen the neurons, that is, we become smarter and smarter.

    Scientists have proved that highly educated people and those who often consume food for the mind are less prone to Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive impairments.

  2. Every day try to eat less fat, more carbohydrates.

    The most relevant research proves: intellect and nutrition are closely interrelated. If you eat a lot of carbohydrates and very few healthy fats - beware of brain diseases.

    We all are mistaken when we think that fats and cholesterol are harmful. These substances are needed by our brain.

    Of course, harmful trans fats also exist. But there are also very valuable, necessary for the body, including cholesterol.

    It is wrong to believe that eating fatty foods and being obese is one and the same. In fact, obesity is not related to healthy fats. Its cause is too much carbohydrate on our table.

  3. Every day do sports (at least 15 minutes).

    Any movement is much more useful than the most complex puzzle or sophisticated mathematical equation. In addition, they affect the "growth hormone" of the brain and the "genes of longevity."

    Incredibly, but regular exercise can return memory to older people, helping to update neurons.

    The more often we move, the smarter we become.

  4. Every day use less calories for brain health.

    The less caloric food you eat, the strongerbrain. To prove this, scientists investigated two groups of people aged - some consumed 30% less calories than usual, and others could eat anything.

    As a result of the study it was found out: those who ate as much as they liked, became worse to remember, and those who reduced the number of calories, memory improved.

    At the rate of women should consume about 2000 calories a day, and men - 2550. but today we eat much more - because of the abundance of sugar in all products.

  5. Every day try to include in the diet of useful fats.

    Our body can independently produce internal antioxidants, and they are much better than artificially synthesized supplements from the pharmacy.

    To start the natural process of their generation, we should only help the body: to stimulate genes that can protect our brain.

    For this you need to include in the daily diet the correct fats: omega-3 fats, green tea extract, broccoli (it contains useful sulforaphane), fish oil, curcumin and the most common coffee.

    All these products help to fight harmful free radicals.

  6. Watch out for body weight.

    The work of our brain is directly related to the massBody. In 2005, scientists decided to find out whether the volume of the waist is related to brain changes. They invited about 100 people to study. The results surprised everyone: it turned out that the wider the waist, the less the hippocampus (the brain memory center). That is, every new kilogram reduces our brain.

  7. Every day try to sleep.

    The worse you sleep, the stupid you become. A psychiatrist from the University of California, Kristin Joffe, for many years studied people who are prone to development Mental disorders.

    And all have discovered a common symptom - they all sleep badly at night and often wake up for no apparent reason. As a result, they look exhausted all day and need a day's sleep.

    In addition, yoffe has proved that people who have Problems with breathing In a dream, twice as much as others are susceptible to dementia.

These simple tips will help you to maintain good health and sharpness of mind for many years.