/ Why to walk?

Why to walk is useful

People are divided into those who adore walks, and those who do not understand their charms. In many respects it depends on the environment: rural people know more about walks than those who live in large cities.

For me personally, a walk is a way to spend timeNot only pleasant, but also with benefit. When I'm able to do something wonderful, I definitely reward myself for this walk. Read about these 6 advantages that give Walking tours, - you want to go out more often.

Why it is important to walk

  1. Walk is a kind of meditation
    Seneca claimed that being happy meansEnjoy the present moment. In fact, each of us has only here and now, the past and the future should not affect how you feel now. It is much easier to feel conscious during the walk - your legs move rhythmically, breathing adjusts to the pace of walking.

    No unnecessary thoughts will not bother you while walking - only you and the outside world. Walking meditation - Buddhist practice. You can become a more calm and balanced person by walking regularly.

  2. Couple walks

  3. Aggravation of sensations
    When you walk, your feelings are exposed andExacerbated. Nothing prevents you from inhaling odors full of chest, listen carefully, see clearly. There are no distractions like your favorite smartphone, you look around and feel everything sharper. You feel alive. Remember when you last had such a vivid sensation ...
  4. unity with nature
    Walks in the bosom of nature - ideal Anti-stress agent, A depleted nervous system and excessiveExperiences. Walking in the city, you can also merge with nature - it's enough just to raise your head up and look at the sky. Unusual experiences? Stop, look at the sunset - it will work for you better than any antidepressant.
  5. Elderly couple walking

  6. adventure
    A walk is always an adventure! You do not know what will happen to you on your walk, whom you will meet on the way. An interesting acquaintance, a memorable shot is a treasure. Watch with curiosity around the world, and with every walk you will bring home a lot of new experiences, a new experience. This will help you understand better in yourself and your life, knowing the world around, you open yourself.
  7. freedom
    People who like to walk, feel themselvesFree. Wherever I want - I go there! If you become unbearable at home or at work - go out and walk. It will immediately save you from a feeling of enclosed space, you will breathe more freely. Lovers make a small trip rarely complain that they lack freedom in their personal lives.
  8. love
    Overcoming the crisis in your personal life is possible with the help of walks. Walk together, it's very close.

    If the walk for you has always been incomprehensibleKind of pastime, start your sorties from a short time. Go out for at least 15 minutes. At the same time - smile to passers-by, say hello to anyone you want, admire the view. Beauty can be found anywhere! Gradually increase the walk time to an hour. Remember that walking a walk has a very positive effect on your physical health.

Walk with your friends! Invite them to walk, showing this article. Fascinating adventures!