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How to wake up early

If you are one of those people who love Lie in bed "A couple more minutes," you have the opportunityChange your habit. To bask in is very nice, but how terrible it is to be late everywhere, to gather in a hurry, not to enjoy breakfast ... the mood is spoiled, the rhythm of the day did not come at once. It's quite another thing - when I woke up on time, I managed everything, even to reflect on the plans for the next day in silence and tranquility.

These 7 secrets will help you prepare for an early rise. Become Early bird!!

Secrets of early recovery

  1. target
    When you remember that you have, for the sake ofWhat to live, wake up easier. I want to get up, go and do it! You realize that extra minutes in bed will not help you to be more rested during the day, but do not have time to do what you planned - it's real. Remember your life goals, motivate yourself to wake up earlier, so that precious time does not disappear in vain.
  2. clean room
    The room where you sleep must be clean. Of course, it should not contain cooked food or the remains of food on dirty dishes. It really hinders in the mornings - I do not want to get up at all and find myself in an untidy room. Make your room so that you want to open your eyes and admire the interior.
  3. Fresh air
    Ventilate all the rooms at home, especially the bedroom. The air in the bedroom should be cool, the temperature - not high. It helps to get a good sleep and wake up energetic.
  4. bed
    Watch for the cleanliness of bed linen, change itregularly. Clean clothes help to wake up and fall asleep with a positive attitude. Be sure to take a shower before going to bed and in the mornings - water washes away not only dirt, but fatigue.
  5. food
    Eat at night only useful, light food. Give up fatty and sweet foods. From dinner depends on how your stomach will feel in the morning, for health and well-being, the evening meal should consist of products that are well absorbed. A plentiful supper is something that prevents you from waking up.
  6. alarm clock

  7. harmony
    That your sleep is calm and strong, conductEvening measuredly. Viewing exciting movies, strong emotional experiences, conflicts - all this prevents you from a normal sleep, at night you probably will be tormented by nightmares. Create a pleasant atmosphere before going to bed - burn candles, aromatic oils, sticks. Falling asleep relaxed, you will wake up renewed!
  8. strength of will
    If you have enough willpower to fulfillPrevious items, it means that you have it for sure. You are the master of your life, you decide what is, when to wake up and what to do with this life. Volitional effort is enough to get out of bed on time - believe it!

Let him Early awakening Will become for you a useful, important habit in life. Waking up with the first signal of the alarm clock, you will have time to do many good deeds for the day and realize everything planned.

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