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Warming with salt

Ear ache This is a very common problem thatCan appear for various reasons, ranging from hypothermia and ending with getting into the ears of water. Often this ailment occurs in children. It is very important in such cases to respond quickly and begin treatment so that there are no complications.

In addition to taking medications, you canTry and other methods that will speed recovery. We have prepared a wonderful idea. Perhaps for someone it is not new, but we hope that many will appreciate it in such a performance to its true worth!

How to warm your ear with salt

You will need

  • 1/2 tbsp. Large salt or salt
  • Cotton socks

White socks


Application of

  1. Put salt in the toe. You can use two socks - the first to pour salt, and the second to put on top.
    Salt in toe
  2. Then tightly knot the sock preferably on two knots.
    Sock with salt
  3. Glow the salt in a sock in a frying pan over low heat for 3 minutes on both sides. The sock should be made from 100% cotton.
    Salt in toe
  4. Take a sock and check to see if it's too hot. The optimum temperature is 60 degrees.
    Salt in toe
  5. The heating is carried out twice a day, applying a sock with hot salt to the ear. Relief will come literally right away.
    Warming up with salt in toe

It is important: without examination by the ear doctor it is not necessary to conduct warming up.

This natural remedy perfectly helps with Ear pain. And most importantly - to perform such a procedure at home is easy!

Share this priceless idea with your friends. They will be grateful to you!