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Breathing exercises to quit smoking

Smoking is very Unpleasant habit And few could easily overcome it. But there is one good way that will help you quit smoking. We suggest that you try a special breathing gymnastics that helps correctly Breathing exercises And clean them from the undesirable consequences of smoking.

Respiratory gymnastics as a way to quit smoking

breathing exercises

  1. an exercise
    When you feel a strong desire to smoke,Go to fresh air. Stand straight. Relax. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for 2-5 seconds. Then exhale slowly. At the end of the exhalation, hold your breath for the same time. Repeat this exercise 10 times. Your brain will be saturated with oxygen and you will feel a slight dizziness. You for a long time will disappear the desire to smoke.
  2. an exercise
    Slowly inhale air through the nose andSlightly faster to exhale it through the mouth. When performing this exercise, gradually increase the tempo. In one cycle do 30 breaths and exhalations. After each cycle, rest for about 1 minute. To get a good result, you need to repeat 5-6 cycles. Do the exercise every time you want to smoke.
  3. an exercise
    Get up or sit up straight. Relax. On inhaling, first fill the air with the lower part of the lungs, while the belly protrudes forward. Then follows the rise of the chest - from the bottom to the top. A "wave" passes through the body. For this to be natural, the spine should be kept straight.

    Then, on exhalation, the "wave" passes in the opposite directionDirection: first it falls down and the stomach is slightly drawn in, then - the thorax. Try, being in the starting position, do so several times: 4 counts - a slow deep breath through the nose, 4 counts 1 slow deep breath through the nose, again 4 counts - inhale and 4 counts - exhale ...

The advantages of such a breath are tested by a thousand years of practice. The lungs receive the necessary amount of oxygen in the chest Restored Correct innervation from the end of the nervous system, and the abdominal organs receive an easy systematic massage due to strong and rhythmic movements of the diaphragm.

Do these exercises every time you want to make a smoke break. So you not only can get rid of this bad habit, but you will also train your breathing organs and clean your lungs.

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