/ 8 Tips to Clean a Machine

8 Tips for Cleaning a Machine

Cleanliness of the machine - a painful issue for most motorists. Both in winter and in summer dozens of drivers are scampering in search of new ways to maintain the acceptable appearance of their "iron horse". Every day you can not drive a car to a car wash, and even the local workers are often not very skilled at it. The technician needs a good daily care, and who will provide it, if not the owner?

This is why every experienced motorist has in his zagashnik a dozen or two secrets to To quickly and efficiently gloss On his mechanical offspring both outside and inside, in the cabin. 8 tips, described in this article, will be a good help and a good addition to any driver.

How to clean a car

  1. A bottle of Coca-Cola In the glovebox is not only suitable for quenching thirst. This drink perfectly wipes dirt, dust and midges from the windshield! So that the soda does not get to where it's not necessary, direct its jet directly to the windshield, and hood the towel beforehand.
  2. Coca Cola

  3. Aerosol wd-40 Knowingly is a product of universalDestination. With its help you can remove all small dirt from the hood of the machine. Bugs and gnats, dust and dirt, unnecessary stickers, "greetings" from birds and traces of berries - the liquid with all this will perfectly cope. It can also be used to remove grease stains from the interior surface of the cabin. Method in both cases is used the same - sprinkled on the stain, waited a bit, rubbed it.
  4. Aerosol wd-40

  5. The coffee stains in the salon are best cleaned immediately. First wet the soiled place first Paper towel. To eliminate the consequences, mix a liter of water withA tablespoon of clear vinegar and add half a teaspoon of a dishwashing detergent. Blend the stain, wait for a quarter of an hour, after which wash it with warm water. did not help? Increase the amount of vinegar in the mixture and repeat the procedure.
  6. vinegar

  7. An unpleasant smell in the cabin is easily eliminated Activated carbon. An open package of coal left overnight in the car, will deal with smells at times due to its absorbent properties. Even a cigarette stench will not stand!
  8. If someone in the car sickened - anything can happen - then help to eliminate the consequences will come Ordinary soda. Pour it on the affected area, wait a while and wipe it off with a paper towel.
  9. For external washing machine is not taken by everyone. However, again, everything happens. Maybe you like to wash the car in person or to get to the car wash there is no time or energy. In this case, instead of a rag, use Old pantyhose. In combination with soapy water will not be worse than in the sink!
  10. With complex dirt outside the car does a good job Old blade From a disposable razor. The main thing is not to overdo it!
  11. nail polish

  12. Microscopic specks of rust sooner or later appear on any machine. The business of the owner is to notice it in time and eliminate the problem, before it's too late! In this you will help a simple nail polish. If you want - take the transparent, you want - pick up the color in the tone of the car. Transparent varnish is also useful for covering small scratches.

Share these little tricks with friends-motorists, because you still need a car to clean!