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How easy to clean in the house

There are people who like to practiceHousehold chores and cleaning and gladly vacuuming, washing windows, taking out garbage and so on. But most people are tearing their hair from despair because it thinks - to keep their apartment or house in complete purity above their strength. Cleaning does not bring such people any pleasure.

No matter how much you clean it will still beEndless Sisyphean labor. While you do the cleaning at one end of the house, the other one looks like a pigsty again. Familiar? There are several simple tricks, How to make cleaning simple occupation. The secret is that every day a littleDo household chores and cleaning. Try to spend only 20 minutes a day for one month for domestic chores, and you bring your whole house in perfect order. Well, what will you try?

But first useful information

  1. Properly equip your anteroom.
    Put a shelf for shoes and fresh press. You can also take a special place for a stroller or bicycle. Nothing else should be there. Accustom yourself not to leave things in the hallway that you brought from the street: paper advertising, receipts, plastic cups of coffee and so on. Immediately carry them into the trash.
  2. My dishes right after eating.
    This sounds logical, but most likely after lunchYou do not have the desire to do it. Especially if you decided to eat in the living room and took a few plates with you. Washing dishes takes only 3 minutes, but the sense of calmness, because of the fact that it's done, is priceless!
  3. Do washing gradually.
    Try to wash things more often, so that dirty laundry does not accumulate. Then it will be much easier for you. In the closet there will always be a lot of clothes.
  4. Put the timer.
    Every case from the list that is below is notShould take a total of more than 20 minutes. Put a timer, and let it every 5 minutes reminds you how much time is left before the end. You will be amazed how quickly time flies.
  5. Singing, cleaning.
    Only a little cleaning brings pleasure. But why? Because they sing, dance with a broom, or listen to music. Be sure to try and you!
  6. Chaos

30-day plan that will change your life

  1. Take it away in the living room (throw away unnecessary things, wipe the dust, vacuuming).
  2. Take care of the surface cleaning in the bathroom.
  3. Take it away in the bedroom and the nursery (clean up, clean the dust at eye level).
  4. Quickly remove the remaining rooms (corridor, study, etc.).
  5. Take it away in the kitchen.
  6. Wash the tub thoroughly.
  7. Wash the window from the inside.
  8. Sweep, vacuum, wash floors, and also stairs.
  9. Take it back in the bedroom and the nursery.
  10. Carefully remove the living room (wash the mirror, wipe the dust on the shelves, etc.).
  11. Clean the restroom.
  12. Clean your cupboard of unnecessary things.
  13. Throwing away all the unnecessary trifles from all the rooms.
  14. Thoroughly clean in the bedroom (under the bed, in the dressers, wipe the lights, etc.).
  15. Take it away in the living room.
  16. Take care of cleaning in the bathroom (wipe the shelves in the cupboards, wash the mirrors and tiles).
  17. Wipe small things (door handles, remote controls, computer mouse, etc.).
  18. Put order in the fridge (throw all the spoiled foods).
  19. Sweep the balcony and the vestibule.
  20. Again in the living room and kitchen.
  21. Wash the car.
  22. Take care of cleaning in the bedroom.
  23. Vacuuming upholstered furniture and curtains.
  24. Curl up the carpets and wash the floors beneath them.
  25. Clean the living room.
  26. Wash the working surfaces in the kitchen and the kitchen sink.
  27. Have a rest a little.
  28. Take care of the cleaning of the nursery.
  29. Take off in the basement floor.
  30. If necessary, wash all floors.

Do not get too carried away by cleaning, because inThere are many more pleasant things than household chores. This plan can only be used on weekdays, skipping the weekend. Then you will notice how much more free time you have had to spend with your loved ones.

Share these simple tips with your friends, perhaps you will help make their life a little easier!