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House for a cat

If you have a cat or a cat, you simply have to take advice that "so simple!" Prepared for you today! Make a house for your pet, from which he does not want to get out. Your cat will be indescribably happy with such a surprise! And he will finally have his own Own corner in the house, Your house.

You will need

  • Plain t-shirt
  • Sheet of cardboard size 40 × 40 cm
  • 2 hangers made of wire
  • Scotch
  • Multiple pins
  • cat

House for a cat


  1. Cut off the hooks.
  2. House for a cat

  3. Give the remaining wire the shape of the arc and glue the sheet of cardboard with scotch tape.
  4. House for a cat

  5. In each corner of the sheet make holes for the wire.
  6. House for a cat

  7. Cross the arc and secure them in this position.
  8. House for a cat

  9. Then fix the frame on the cardboard.
  10. House for a cat

  11. Here is the base for the house.
  12. House for a cat

  13. Put a T-shirt on it, so that the neck turns out on the side, on one side.
  14. House for a cat

  15. Secure from below with pins.
  16. House for a cat

  17. You can run your pet.
  18. House for a cat

This photo speaks for itself.

House for a cat

If I was a cat, I would definitely like the same house! do not be lazy, Please your pet Such a miracle dwelling! After that he will love you even more.

Tell your friends about this advice if any of them have a cat!