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Errors in business correspondence

business correspondence Thing is very responsible. After all, by contacting a person, you are the face of your company and you not only can not fall into the dirt yourself, but you also need to adequately represent your company. If you do not want to lose your job because of the slightest mistake in your business letter, see what blunders are most often admitted in business correspondence and never do them again!

Errors in business correspondence

  1. Good day!
    You are surprised, but this phrase is among the mainAnnoying phrases in Russian. Many refer to it neutrally, but often using this phrase, you run the risk of stumbling upon a person who hates it, and then you can forget about any business relationship with it.
  2. Dear, Ivan Ivanovich!
    Another surprise. It turns out that a comma in this completely inappropriate place for it is very often found. We, of course, still from school know that the treatment should be separated by commas. But in this case the treatment is the whole phrase.
  3. The pronoun "you", which is written with the wrong letter
    Some write "you", even when it comes toGroup of people, not one person. Others, on the contrary, do not trouble themselves with a capital letter and all write with a small (small). But this is mistaken and greatly annoying.

    Remember: if you write to one person, turn to "you", if it is a question of several people, they should be addressed to "you". And never write the address "you" with a capital letter.

  4. Contract
    Open any dictionary. In none of them you will find such a plural form of the word "contract". Only "contracts" are correct. And in a large orthoepic dictionary there is even a strict note in brackets: "not a contract!".
  5. According to plan and statute
    Imagine, some bosses even scold theirSubordinates for the use of the expression "according to the plan." Take with them to work the dictionary "management in Russian" (edited by rozental), in order to put his boss in place. It clearly states that it is right to say "according to (to what?) The plan."
  6. Subsequently
    Learn to finally write these words correctly. They are written on the contrary: subsequently and as a result. They are very often confused in business correspondence.
  7. There is not enough invoice
    Again, do not you see the error? The fact is that the invoice is a compound noun, and both parts must bow. There is an invoice, there is no invoice, think about the invoice - and so on. Do not be lazy to change both parts, so as not to lose business partners.
  8. Work of 2 employees
    Can not you see the error here? It is in a build-up that you do not need to use in this case. And it can not be used in the following cases:
    - when recording calendar numbers (do not write "March 22");
    - with Roman numerals (no Ludovians xiv-s, please);
    - in the numbers of pages or volumes, if the generic word is before the numerals ("on page 196" - so you can not write);
    - 50 th anniversary. Congratulate colleagues on the 50th anniversary, 50th anniversary or 50th anniversary in no event. If they are literate, you will run into trouble. The correct version of writing this combination is the 50th anniversary. And nothing else.
  9. Postmarked point
    Never put an end after the signature in a business letter. The signature here acts as a props, which does not constitute a complete proposal.

Write always Competently, So that one small mistake does not put an end to your career or that you do not lose your business partners. Literacy is very important for success in work.

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