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Dangerous care is dangerous

Do not live just for the sake of children! Many women in our world are abandoning their own perspectives and well-being because of the choice Devote one's life to his children. Believe me, the children do not need it.

Often a consequence of this behavior are broken fates, resentments, quarrels, misunderstandings and so on. Such a spectacle does not cause anything but sadness and sympathy ...

History of excessive custody

One woman raised her beloved son Vanyaby oneself. She did not marry, and all her earnings and love invested in the child. Mom bought Vanya apartment, paid for her studies. The man grew up a successful man. Only now he is already 50. he has neither wife nor children. He is still trying to return to his mother an unpaid debt. Something went wrong…

All my life my father worked for her sake. She was a capable girl, and he dreamed that one day Ksyusha would grow up and become a doctor. The years went by. Dad saved the girl for training at a medical university. But the girl refused and wished to become an artist.

His father decided to bill her and demanded thatShe paid for it. There everything was included, beginning with food and clothing, ending with training in a private gymnasium and circles. More than 30 years have passed since Ksenia stopped seeing her father ...

Mother with son

The girl's mother refused to support her for her daughter's sake personal life. After she divorced, she did not go on dates with men, did not want to injure her daughter. Now he is 40 years old. Husband and children do not. She can not leave her mother alone and arrange her personal life.

In Ivanov's family there has always been an idyll. Mother, father, son Stas and daughter Katya traveled together, celebrated family holidays and so on. Because the parents thought only of the children, they lost their marriage. When the children parted, their parents divorced. Katya still can not believe this. She is already 37, but she is not going to get married. Does not want the same turn of events ...

Paul was a late and long-awaited child. My mother gave birth to him and very much took care of her. She decided with his help to realize all his dreams that were not realized. Paul went to various circles, taught foreign languages ​​and played the harp. Now he is 40, he is divorced. Paul still has no goals in life and does not know what he wants. Earlier for him everything was decided by my mother. My mother died, and Pavel was drunk ... he just could not stand it and broke.

There are many such stories. It is very difficult for a child to be someone's sense of life. he wants Be an independent person.

Do not live only for the sake of children! Find another meaning in your life. necessary Do not forget to love yourself, Especially for women. If you do not take care of yourself, then, what can you give to another, what example do you give to your child?

You can often meet adult people whoParents gave all their love, care and material wealth. In their eyes you can see the pain ... let your children be independent, just direct them in the right direction. Ask them what they like to do.

Parents are gardeners. Their goal is to water the flowers, do not obscure the sun and protect from pests. Children - flowers. They can show themselves all the best that is embedded in them.

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