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Useful spices

Spices - this is what makes the dishes more delicious and gives them an excellent flavor. With the help of spices you can improve the taste of any dish, even poorly cooked. ancient times Spices Were one of the most expensive goods. Some species were worth their weight in gold, as they were difficult to obtain. Most of them had medicinal properties.

The main advantage of most spices is high content Antioxidants. These substances affect the negative effectFree radicals in the body, because of which we may have health problems. Free radicals cause oxidative stress in the body and can lead to the appearance of diseases such as cancer, stroke and diabetes.


Also spices improve mental activity,Relieve stress, negative emotions and depressions. do not trust? And you check! We have picked up for you a variety of spices that will help you defeat all your adversity.

Spices and emotions

From indecisiveness, greed, inclination to depression

  1. Red and black pepper,
  2. cardamom
  3. Carnation
  4. caraway
  5. ginger
  6. turmeric
  7. asafoetida

From fear, anxiety, overstrain

  1. cardamom
  2. cinnamon
  3. Carnation
  4. caraway
  5. Mustard seeds

From anger, hatred, envy

  1. Cumin
  2. coriander
  3. saffron
  4. turmeric
  5. fennel

For good memory, sharpness of mind, intelligence, intelligence

  1. tamarind
  2. Red and black pepper
  3. ginger
  4. asafoetida
  5. Carnation
  6. cardamom

For the acuteness of reaction, the lively imagination

  1. ginger
  2. cinnamon
  3. Red pepper
  4. cardamom

For vigor, pacification, tenderness, kindness, love, compassion

  1. coriander
  2. saffron
  3. turmeric
  4. fennel
  5. vanilla

The useful properties of spices are simply impossible to not appreciate. Only be careful, some Spices have contraindications. For example, caraway seeds can not be consumed by coresAnd diabetics. Anise, cloves, parsley, basil and barberry are contraindicated in pregnancy. Ginger, ziru, coriander, cardamom, turmeric is not advised to take people with peptic ulcer.

If you have any chronic diseases, it is best Do not get carried away with spices And get advice from a doctor on this issue.

if To use spices correctly, Then you will always be healthy and cheerful.

Share the useful properties of spices with your friends. Let them choose the spices for themselves and Improve their health And internal state.