/ How to get rid of the symptom of your aunt

How to get rid of the symptom of your aunt

Do not rush to flip through medical encyclopedias: o Syndrome of "aunt" You will not read in any directory. Although, according to statistics, every second or third woman has all the symptoms on her face: discouragement, grumbling, fatigue, extinct eyes, asexuality and unwillingness to dream. Often this ailment comes with sadness, despair, moping, boredom, stigma and excess weight. If you noticed such signs in yourself, I dare to disappoint: most likely, you have a "aunt".

Of course, do not put a cross on yourself andTo be reconciled forever with the role of the housekeeper. Still can be corrected, the main thing - to expel this obnoxious fat uncanny guest from himself. And do it immediately, so she does not sit around and get used to it. For this, by the way, there is a Bible with slightly "different" commandments. So, remember these axioms and begin to act quickly: "aunt" is not the place!

How not to turn into an "aunt"

  1. Commandment 1. I am a woman, and none of the women's quirks is alien to me.
    You notice yourself that you often buy somethingSweet children, another unnecessary piece in the house, a gift to her husband. But to myself, when was the last time I bought something? Because it's a pity. But that's wrong! When you think about yourself, pamper yourself, buying beautiful shoes or that lovely blouse, you kill the "aunt" in yourself. Because you're still th-th. Regardless of age!
  2. Commandment 2. no one owes nothing to anyone.
    classics of the genre: I hate to cook (wash, clean), but I must. And then you wonder where the embittered "aunt" came from. All because you can simply abandon unloved cases, not forcing yourself and not being annoyed because of trivialities at all and all. The reason, psychologists say, should be looked for in childhood: we were told that if you do not know how to cook, you can not keep your husband near you.

    The heroine of the film "you never dreamed" of the tediousness of the class teacher: "My little girl, when you grow up, you will have a husband. You will understand how good it is when a person has a sense of duty ", - answered thus: "But in my opinion, only love has the right to control everything." Are there any other arguments?

  3. Freken side

  4. The commandment 3. that inside, then outside.
    When you rejoice in the world, enjoy eachThe moment of life, do not lose heart over trifles, you know how to notice any small pleasant news, then you become outwardly attractive and charming. It's not for nothing that they say that if you want the world to smile at you, give him a good mood first. Only here "aunts" forget that happy moms have happy children, and happy wives have happy husbands.
  5. Commandment 4. what will people say?
    Forget it once and for all. Most importantly, what do you think about yourself. Only that is important. Straight back, easy gait, confident look, elevated chin: unless someone doubts that you are a happy, flawless, happy woman? no! Remember: the way others see you, is no more than the result of your own thoughts. Check it out!
  6. Commandment 5. woke up, washed, dressed up, smiled and went to decorate the world.
    Do you know that the largest amount of lipstickUse ... women in Arab countries. The question arises: why should they, they are in the burqa all day walking around? that's it! In our region a woman powdered-ruddy, when she goes to work, on a date, at a business meeting, on a visit and even in a store. But at home with her husband it is normal to sit in a shapeless dressing gown, tattered socks and old slippers: and so loves. At the eastern beauties everything is the opposite: at home for the husband - all the best. For outsiders they are not so prettily, but with a beloved look like queens. Maybe it's worth taking note?
  7. Evil aunt

  8. Precept 6. between cooking borscht and sex always choose the latter.
    Here the border can be seen easily: If you want to do this always, everywhere and under any circumstances, is ready to include fantasy, leaf through the "kamasutra" in search of new poses or sensations, nothing is lost. But the "aunt" in the lexicon increasingly appear phrases: "I do not want", "my head hurts," "not today," "this week was already." Of course, you can go and cook borscht. But just a snack, at the worst, you can do something else or, in extreme cases, go to any catering establishment, if you're already hungry. But now the question: would you like, that your husband was going somewhere for another portion of sex, because he, poor fellow, is starving in his own home? The answer is obvious.
  9. Precept 7. women's vocation - not to serve, but to inspire!
    At school any teacher likes to read moralsA la: "Girls, the main thing - learn how to cook borscht! For whom you would not have to marry, it will in any case want to eat. " And assured us that from wives who perfectly prepare - they wash - they iron, husbands never leave. The truth, then every second is surprised: and cooked tasty, and ironed well, and washed every day, and my husband still left.

    But all because you need to remember once and for all: The housewife and wife are far from the same thing. The first - thinks only about the economy, she is forever with a scoop and in the apron, she always has no time. The second is the husband's muse; The only one that inspires and causes development, a family think tank that can make the right decisions. In the end, everything that does not enter into a terrible concept called "aunt".

  10. aunt

  11. Commandment 8. I am, and this is more than enough!
    And another such is not and never will be! And the fact that you and your loved ones are alive and well are already a great occasion for joy every day! And as soon as this terrific person can kill himself with feigned, fictional problems? Are not you ashamed, "aunt"?

If you notice at least one of theseTerrible symptoms, rather expel the "aunt" and shut the door tightly behind her. It is possible and necessary to do this. The main thing: to allow yourself to continue to enjoy life. Mentally show the language to your inner "aunt" and run ... roller-skating. Life is amazing!

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