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Honey water

You probably already know why it's usefulTo drink water on an empty stomach in the morning. It helps to cleanse and generally maintain the body in tone. Can not you force yourself to drink plain water? So add some honey! Surprising, but the honey drink is one of the most effective components in the general program Health improvement!!

To prepare honey water very easy! On a glass of raw, not boiled water, just one teaspoon of honey is enough. The main thing is to mix and drink right away. Use only real raw honey. And to increase the useful properties in the preparation of the drink you can use additional ingredients, such as propolis, lemon juice, mummies and others. Regular use of honey water will help achieve stunning results. But which ones, you will now find out!

Useful properties of honey water

Honey water

  1. Normalization of digestive tract processes
    Forget about the pain in the stomach and bloating! In addition, with the regular use of a honey drink, any parasites that live in the cattle die.
  2. Detoxification
    The use of honey water helps to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. The effect will increase if you add a little lemon juice to the drink.
  3. Acceleration of metabolism
    The drug accelerates the metabolism, which helps in the fight against excess weight. Yes, honey water helps to lose weight!
  4. Stress management
    A tasty drink contributes to a more rapid recovery of the nervous system in times of stress and critical situations.
  5. Improves skin and hair condition
    Try and see for yourself how the changes will start! And even honey water you can simply wipe your face.
  6. Insomnia
    Using honey water before going to bed, you will forget about insomnia and morning headaches.
  7. Restoration of the human energy field
    It is believed that the center of the energy field is in the region of the duodenum, on the condition of which our immunity depends. Honey water and here helps in cleansing!
  8. Strengthening of the immune system
    As you guessed, if you drink honey water daily, forget about colds. Do you suffer from chronic bronchitis or a cold? Drink water with honey!

Of course, honey, like honey water, is of great health benefit and is considered an excellent means for Purification and healing. But remember: The maximum daily dose of natural honey - 1 tbsp. L. in a day! It is worth adding that honey water has its contraindications: if you are allergic to bee products, this drink, unfortunately, is not for you.

Suffering from diabetes, heart and kidney failure should also not be a course of treatment Honey water. In any case, if you doubt whether this cleansing will work for you, consult with your doctor first. Health is in your hands!

If you are sure that honey water will be useful to your friends, then share with them information about it Beverage!!