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How correctly to be soared

When steaming in the bath, the main thing is not to rush. In this case there should be no fuss. If necessary, be ready to spend the whole day for this ceremony, as it is worth it. When a person in a bath is tense, thinks about his problems, is afraid of hot steam or cold water, then he does not feel the whole pleasant atmosphere and will not get any Benefits for the body.

in order to Feel the beauty of the bath, You need 7 times to get a good steam. Find out what people know about this!

How to bathe in a bath

  1. First approach
    First of all, stand under a warm shower for severalMinutes. To wet a head it is not necessary. After the shower you are waiting for a straight road to the steam room. At the same time put on your head a special hat for a bath of natural wool. Take a pre-prepared broom. The bathhouse attendant must properly weld it.

    First the broom is lowered for 15 minutes in a cold one, andThen for 3 minutes into hot water. When you go to the steam room, take a sheet with you. It must hang next to you and dry. Hide behind this sheet, leaving the steam room. For the first call it will be quite enough five minutes.

    After the first call, rest, take a hot shower, drink any Nonalcoholic herbal drinkTo. It is necessary to drink slowly, in small sips. You can also prepare yourself a dry foot bath made of heated rock salt.

  2. Second approach
    After rest, go to the steam room a second time. Warm your body with a broom. When you warm up well, go to the shower, and then to the hydromassage department.

    After the second approach, proceed to rubbing the bodyA mixture of table salt, mustard powder and pure water. In this way, you can cleanse your body of dead cells and dirt. After finishing the grinding, go to the bathroom shelf, without washing off the salt.

  3. Third approach
    Your body can bake a bit of salt and mustardPowder, but you need to wait a couple of minutes in the steam room. After the third visit, go to the shower, wash with hot water, and then at the end pour cold.

    After lying on the massage table for the last purification procedure, which is performed with soap foam and a bath broom made of birch. The bath attendant should alternate beating with a broom with grinding the body with his hands.

  4. Fourth approach
    The fourth time you need to get very warm and start a long Contrasting procedures. Take a cold shower, then dive into a cold pool or jump into a snowdrift. Restore the body temperature with a warm shower, then return to the steam room.
  5. Fifth approach
    Being in a hot pair you can take advantage of Aromatic oils. Drip a couple of drops on the glowing stones. After the fifth call, have a rest and drink hot tea.
  6. Sixth call
    During the sixth call, you need to reduce the temperature. Then you can grind the body with honey.
  7. Seventh approach
    Having a good rest, at last make one moreCall if you feel good. Not everyone can withstand seven visits. After the seventh time, wash your head thoroughly. Then dry it well and dry your body.

Bath is Useful stress For the body. Only be careful! If you are not ready for such a number of calls - do not do it, if your body is not ready to plunge into the cold pool - do not jump. The main thing is to be comfortable and without harm to the body.

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