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How to quickly cool a drink

Most drinks when they reachRoom temperature, become tasteless. Their cooling can take quite a long time. But if you know one little trick, you can quickly make any drink ice cold. It will cool down by 20 degrees in just 2 minutes, whereas in the refrigerator it takes several hours.

For this you will need a bowl, water, ice cubes, salt and a drink. First, pour the water into a bowl and pour the ice into it. Then add 2 tbsp. Tablespoons of salt. Mix thoroughly and put a drink in the container.

After one minute, stir the liquid around the can or bottle again and leave it for another minute. After that you can enjoy an ice cold drink.

How quickly to cool the drink

The lemonade of this guy has cooled from 24 to 5 degrees! What's the secret? But in the fact that salt causes ice to melt faster, and in order to melt faster, it must be given a cold to the environment. Physics is a magnificent thing!

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