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How to soak rice

Rice - a versatile garnish. This wonderful porridge is suitable for meat, and for vegetables. Combined with various sauces, rice turns into an incredibly tasty dish. Which is worth only pilaf, in which rice shows its taste qualities best - real deliberation!

The main thing is to learn how to cook rice properly. Not everyone knows the subtleties of cooking this cereal, the housewife is constantly tormented by the question: is it necessary to soak rice, is it worth washing?


How to soak rice for a delicious pilaf

To cope with the problem of sticky,Boiled rice, it is necessary to soak it before cooking. When you piss rice, the starch will separate into the water. The seeds will not stick together and boil during cooking!

pay attention

  1. Soak the rice best at a water temperature of 60 ° C.
  2. In boiling water rice should not be soaked - you risk to cook a sticky mess.
  3. If you do not want to bother with hot water - soak the rice in cold water, but for a longer time, just a few hours.
  4. A really delicious rice is obtained by dousing it in hot water twice - pour it again when the first water cools down.


Now you know the right one Way to soak rice - with it as a result it turns out the most delicious porridge! Try to experiment in your kitchen, conduct an experiment. Soak the rice in different ways: in cold and hot water. Boil each portion of rice separately and try, what they taste. Such a comparative characteristic will show you which way of soaking is the most correct. Figure it out, and your pilaf will be excellent forever!

Following these tips, you will always cook rice as it should. Tell them about all the pilots!