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Gift for yourself on February 14

Already eight years as eric and his girlfriend are familiar. They are very fond of each other and infinitely happy. The man in love decided to show his girlfriend the full depth of his feelings on Valentine's Day.

"But how is it right and unusual to do it? Flowers and chocolate - it's corny. It is necessary to prepare something special ", - thought Eric.

And then he came up with a brilliant idea, whichHe decided to share. His girl was delighted with such a gift. She even had tears in her eyes. Try and do something like that with your own hands.

You, most likely, have not yet prepared a gift for the holiday?

Gift for yourself on February 14

First, buy a glass jar. It should look nice and be of medium size.


Then buy a multi-colored paper. It is best that there are no more than three flowers, and they harmoniously combined, for example, pink, yellow and green.


Cut the paper into strips. On yellow paper write pleasant moments and memories that are associated with your favorite person. On the green - the lyrics that you adore singing together.

On pink - the reasons why you love your soul mate. Then fold each piece of paper separately and put it in the jar.


It is advisable to write 365 pieces to a person,To whom you will present such a wonderful gift, get one note a day, and read it. You can also paste a small instruction on the jar in which it will be written what color of the note that it means.

Gift for a day in love

Tie a ribbon to the jar and the gift is ready. He will constantly remind your A close person, About how much you love him.

From such a wonderful gift can even appearTears in my eyes, of course, with happiness. Share this wonderful idea with your friends, maybe some of them will want to please their beloved person in this way.

With the coming day of the holy valentine!