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How to be happy

There is nothing surprising in that people are worried about the question of happiness all the time. Each of us experienced these inspiring, incomparable sensations, which are usually called happiness.

Happiness is better than any drug, but dependence on it occurs instantly. Of course, I want to be in this state more often - it's a pity, it does not always work out.

How to be happy

Someone interferes with being happy work; somebodySad, because in times of crisis this is normal; Someone can not solve old problems in any way, and new ones are already on the way ... millions of small things upset us every day. In life, disappointments often happen. Well, how in this situation can we talk about happiness, especially about the eternal?

All is not so sad. In fact, be in an excellent mood and feel the harmony with the world can be under any circumstances. Wretch - as a drug addict who was deprived of a dose. Apathetic and lost, he is ready to do anything to achieve his, can put a lot of effort to get what he wants.

But if the addict thought for a moment thatThe action of narcotic substances is only a mirage, everything would be different. Drugs can help to feel what is already in you - joy, serenity, balance.

Moments of happiness - like Narcotic euphoria, Which reveals your best experiences, your best qualities. But the fact is that you can achieve this state yourself!

To be glad and enjoyLife, you do not need to wait for that "happy moment". You already have everything to feel better, to feel the way you want. A universal weapon against any ills, and this is love.


Love for yourself and others will lead you toFortunately. Disinterested, true love. Modern society does not teach us to love, only to consume. But consumption is a destructive force, constant purchases and the use of other people in their own interests do not bring happiness.

a love - creation in its pure form. The more you feel the feeling of love, the happier you are, the better your business goes. Everything is logical: the person who loves his work - working with bestowal, a person who loves people receives a positive energy in return. The one who loves his life - lives the best of its possible options.


Every day before you there is a difficult choice - you decide on your own what you will be today. Selfish or complaisant, kind or embittered. Choosing self-giving and love, you choose happiness.

At first you may think that this is -nonsense. What is the point of treating with love for a man who, say, stepped in the transport on your leg ... but try once, instead of swearing, to say simple, benevolent words.

The result will affect your condition immediately! The love and kindness that you give to others always come back.


Let the source of love never fail in your heart. Learn to love - happiness is attached as a gift.