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The unique method of Dr Drapkin

mother. This person plays the main role in the child's life. From the attitude of the mother to his child, his attitudes toward the future life depend. And physical health - in particular. Motherly love truly works wonders! It is this fact that formed the basis for the methods of the child psychotherapist Boris drapkina.

Mother and child

Unique method of doctor drapkin

"Try to imagine that your babyHas inside a reservoir, which in principle should always be saturated with maternal love. And if this love starts to be missed, if the reservoir dries up, the baby is sick - the body as it screams about its problems ", Says Boris Zinovievich.

Regular replenishment of this reservoir is sufficienteasily. As often as possible, look at the child directly in the eye, expressing a look of his feelings for him. Maintain a physical contact: pats, hugs, comic fuss. But the most effective way is verbal communication. The mother's voice is the best medicine for the baby.

use The technique of Drupkin Best when the child is fast asleep. First relax yourself, put aside all the negative. Sit at the crib, touch the baby and in a calm, even voice start to say the phrase after the phrase. Instructions for health should be instilled in the child, investing the full force of one's love.

  1. Vitamins of maternal love
    I love you very much.
    You are the most precious and dear thing that I have.
    I can not live without you.
    Dad and I love you very much.
  2. Physical health
    You are a strong, healthy, handsome boy (girl).
    You eat well and so quickly grow and develop.
    You have strong and healthy heart, breast, tummy.
    You run fast and jump high.
    You are healthy, seasoned and not sick.
  3. Mental health
    You are a calm boy (girl).
    You have good, strong nerves.
    You are an intelligent boy (girl).
    You always have a good mood, and you like to smile.
    You sleep well.
    You see only good, good dreams.
    You have a good and fast developing speech.
  4. Purification of diseases (according to the principle of traditional medicine)
    I take away and throw out your illness.
    I take away and throw out (list those problems that the baby has).
    I love you so much.

Small child

You can adjust the program individually. The main thing is that your monologue always ends with words of love. Watch your voice. Convince the baby that he will grow up healthy, strong, strong spirit and body person.

All mothers who have experienced the method of doctor drapkin, assure that their children literally calmed down before their eyes, less often fall into hysterics, eat better, and in the future - rarely get sick.

Peace and love to you and your baby! Believe, love really heals!