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How to grow kiwi at home

Grow a vine kiwi is very real, and yet it is fun and does not require special expenses. You just need to choose the most Ripe kiwi From the nearest store. It must be soft and without flaws. There are several popular kiwi varieties, but not all of them can grow and develop into an adult plant at home.

Kiwi is very fond of light and warmth, so for its planting and growing it is necessary to allocate a place on a sunny window sill without drafts. The best time for sowing is from March to May.

How to grow kiwi at home


Wash the fruit and cut it into several pieces. Mash neatly the flesh. The resulting gruel put in a glass with warm water, mix and let it settle for a while.

Well washed up, so that the flesh left and stayedBones that will float on the surface. Lay the seeds on a napkin or paper towel to dry them. After 2-4 hours, wrap the bones in cotton wool or cloth and put it in a bowl. Add a little hot water so that it soaks the material, but does not pour out when the dish is tilted.

Cover the seeds with a film and put them in a warm sunny place. At night it is better to open the film or even remove it altogether. In the morning, the required amount of water. In 7-10 days, the seeds of kiwi must be pierced.

How to grow kiwi

Choose a suitable pot and mound for the plant.Its bottom is expanded clay. The ground is better to take ready, intended for tropical lianas. Hold it in a water bath for two hours. In the holes 5-10 mm deep, put 2-3 bones. Lightly sprinkle them with earth, field with water at room temperature and tightly cover with a film. Put the pot in a warm sunny place.

After 3-6 days, the first shoots will appear. From unpromising and unnecessary sprouts it is better to start getting rid of at this stage. Water moderately and only with standing water. In the winter, the growth of kiwi shoots slows down, and it is enough to water them 2-3 times a month. During the growing season (in spring and summer), plants need more moisture, so you need to water more often - 2 times a week. In addition, hot kiwi should be sprayed in the summer.

How to grow kiwi

Regularly thin out the plants so that they do notInterfered with each other. In the early stages they can simply be pulled out of the ground. A little later this will not work, as the root system of kiwi develops quite quickly. The most correct option would be the cutting off of an unnecessary germ.

When the plants reach a height of 10-12 cm, transplant them into separate trays. If this is not done, their development will slow down. In favorable conditions bloom and Bear kiwi fruit From seeds begins for the third or fourth year.

How to grow kiwi

Try it yourself Way of growing kiwi And this tropical plant will delight you every day. And after a few years you will even be able to enjoy its fruits!

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