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How to relax for a minute

It happens that more than half remains until the end of the working day, and you are exhausted to the limit already now. Instead of suffering, try on yourself this wonderful method that will help you Restore vigor In just one minute.

You just need to perform a series of alternate and very ordinary actions. But the result will surpass all your expectations - Minute rest Will give you additional resources for work, relieve fatigue and tension. To carve out a minute is not a problem even at the height of the working day, so boldly begin to implement this instruction.

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How to relax in one minute

  1. Rub your hands - 5 seconds.
  2. Hot hands vigorously rub your cheeks - 5 seconds.
  3. Drum your fingers on the top of your head - 5 seconds.
  4. Find the thyroid gland and push it with your thumb. The thyroid gland is below the Adam's apple, massage it 3 times.
  5. Find the carotid artery, gently push it to the place where there is a strong ripple, let go. Repeat this 3 times.
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  6. Push on the cavity at the base of the skull, also 3 times.
  7. Do a gentle massage of your feet, especially pay attention to the thumbs on your legs.
  8. Pat on the entire length of the legs with the open palm.

If you execute correctly all listedExercise, you will definitely have the strength for new achievements! Stimulation of these points will cause your body to work more actively, use all the energy reserves for the best results of your activity. Short rest Very useful, it returns the ability to continue working actively.

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