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Rules for quick success

Admit: the only thing that prevents you from being successful is your laziness. If you do not control it, it becomes habitual to become lazy.

Once you give yourself a slack, and you risk drowning in the quagmire of unfulfilled cases and intrusive problems. This does not mean that you can not relax - rest is necessary for any person.

But even relaxing, you can approach success. These simple rules will help you quickly change the life, Striding to success with leaps and bounds. Read and think about what you are spending yourself on. Why live like this, if it is possible much better?

Rules for quick success

  1. Dispose of the habit of wasting time on viewing meaningless TV shows and serials. You are saved from boredom, loneliness and superfluous thoughts in this way, but this is - degradation. Want to see something - do important things, choose a quality film and relax. Leisure should also be beneficial.
  2. Whatever happens, do not give up. Lack of perseverance - something that hinders your success. Throw out restless thoughts from your head and continue to work, stubborn labor is guaranteed to lead to victory.
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  4. Get a habit of taking notes - Interesting ideas And thought worth writing down. But then you will surely forget and you'll be sorry later!
  5. If it turns out that you are late or do not have time to do something in time, - warn about it. Such a simple truth should not be explained ...
  6. Schadenfreude is something that slows you down on the way toSuccess. Laughing at the other, you will soon pay for it. Refrain from laughing at someone else's thoughts and dreams - better see what's going on in your head.
  7. Very inefficient way in work and personal life- To forgive those who betrayed you. Next to such people you will not get it. Machine by farewell to traitors and go on - there are many worthy people in the world, anyone can be replaced. Traitors do not change.
  8. Do not forget about the family. Parents are the only people who love you unconditionally, simply because you are. Communicate with them more often - it will not only give you energy for life and work. When dear people leave this world, they will live in your memories. Let these memories be greater.
  9. Politeness is an excellent helper in all matters. Be polite in all circumstances.
  10. Realize your mistakes. This will help you not to repeat them again.
  11. Complain about life - waste of time. Build a constructive conversation, talk about something interesting. Your problems are not interesting to others, and to receive the useful information during conversation is much more valuable, than mean words of sympathy.
  12. The same can be said about gossip. There are many more fascinating topics that will help you develop, and do not waste time chewing on someone else's life.
  13. Remember - everything passes and constantly changes. What seems important now, after a while may be meaningless. Stop fixating on problems, get busy.
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  15. Be careful with words - when you quarrel, you can often say something reckless. Sediment from offensive words remains with people for a long time, do not spoil relations with those who are important to you.
  16. To stop lying is freedom. Be honest, and you do not have to get out. Speak everything straight, as it is. Sincerity is as useful as politeness, it disposes people to you.
  17. Start your day with the most difficult and unpleasant things. How wonderful it is to do everything in the first half of the day and live his rest without hanging work on you!
  18. call of Duty Kills all other feelings. You do not have to do anything, and no one owes you anything. Just be a responsible person, doing something, remember what you're doing it for. Not at all in order to fulfill the debt!

    Your actions should be aimed at achieving the goals, then you will do any business with pleasure. Efforts from a primitive sense of duty will not bear fruit.

Obvious truths, right? But how often do we forget about them, plunging headlong into life, as in Computer game.

Always be aware of what you are doing. Mindfulness will lead you to success, watch yourself constantly. Ask yourself: what am I doing now? Is it useful for me to spend time? Is this a good deed?

Remind your friends that it's a sin to waste your life in empty occupations, and success is possible under any circumstances!