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How to make a simple motor with your own hands

If you are bored and you do not know what to have fun, you can try to create Electronic motor with your own hands. You will be surprised, thinking that it is almost impossible to do at home.

Today "so simple!" A simple scheme for your attention, followingWhich, it will not be difficult at all! This design can easily be done by everyone, because all the tools necessary for such an engine will be found in any house. And the time for such experiment Will leave very little. Forget that you were told at the lessons of physics: the eternal engine does exist!

How to make a simple motor with your own hands

You will need

  • sandpaper
  • Nippers
  • Paper clips
  • wire
  • battery
  • duct tape
  • Simple pencil
  • magnet


  1. Take the wire and wind it on the battery. It will be enough to make 10-15 skeins.
  2. Electronic motor

  3. Gently pull out the battery. You should get such a rotor. Fix the ends of the wire at the edges of the coil, as shown in the photo below, you can tie the wire to the node for this.
  4. Electronic motor

  5. Take sandpaper and clean it with two ends of the wire.
  6. Electronic motor

  7. You should get something like this (for contrast in the photo, one free end of the wire was rubbed with sandpaper, and the second one - no).
  8. Electronic motor

  9. For the next stage you will need a paper clip and a simple pencil.
  10. Electronic motor

  11. Using a pencil, make a clip out like this and attach it to the battery, as shown in the photo.
  12. Electronic motor

  13. Just attach the second clip to the other side of the battery and connect it all into a single structure with adhesive tape.
  14. Electronic motor

  15. Then attach the wire to this structure as shown in the photo. The loose ends of the wires must go through the "ears" in the middle of the clips.
  16. Electronic motor

  17. Put the magnet on top of the battery, it must "stick" to the battery. The rotor should quickly spin, if this did not happen - try to push it slightly with your finger.
  18. Electronic motor

That's all, yours Original invention Ready. By the way, be careful: you can not leave the rotor stationary for a long time, the battery and the coil will be very hot!

The surprise of all friends - show them how easy it is to create a motor with your own hands from improvised means!