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Secrets of Women's Excellence

A woman can always look the way she wants. your Good health And an attractive appearance depends only on you. How good that you can work every day on yourself and see the result - the road to excellence is open!

Read these wise recommendations, if you want Change for the better. The possibilities of women are unlimited.

How to look prettier every day

  1. If you walk every day on the steps, neglecting the elevator, your legs will be much slimmer.
  2. To improve digestion, drink peppermint tea after eating. A healthy stomach promotes beauty.
  3. Remember the details: take care not only for the hands, but also for the feet. An excellent nourishing cream for the feet - butter.
  4. Forget about laziness and rock the press. Except that your stomach will be tightened, strengthening muscles has another plus: Strong abdominal muscles help to bear and give birth to a child, during pregnancy, the skin has fewer stretch marks. Swing of the press - the best way to get in shape after giving birth.
  5. yoga

  6. Hair can make you slimmer - perfectly straightened strands visually lengthen the figure. Do not forget to maintain the correct shape of the eyebrows.
  7. Choosing clothes of the same color, you will never lose! The silhouette will look more clear and slim in a monophonic outfit.
  8. Replace sweets with dried fruits - they are no less delicious, but do not harm the figure. dried fruits Contain vitamins and trace elements, which are necessary for health.
  9. If you want to eat chocolate - always choosedark. It has less preservatives, a lot of cocoa beans. The use of cocoa beans helps control blood sugar levels - you will no longer have a crazy desire to eat something sweet immediately.
  10. To be beautiful, we need strength! Always have breakfast and eat regularly - a depleted body that gets food in an uncontrolled mode, unable to sparkle with beauty.
  11. tweeze eyebrows

  12. Doing sports, remember that quality is important, not quantity. It is better to do less exercises, but with greater impact - this is to the benefit of your figure.
  13. Wear heels. Choose the perfect, comfortable version of shoes with heels for yourself - your legs will seem longer, you will always be in good shape.
  14. The diet should be reasonable. Stop rushing from the extreme to the extreme - Healthy food Should become a normal mode of life. Then the problem of excess weight will never be relevant to you.
  15. Laugh - it trains the abdominal muscles as well as swinging the press.
  16. Grapefruit helps you cope with swelling. If you have a tendency for them, add this fruit to the diet.
  17. It is better to refrain from fatty foods - a plate of fried potatoes does not cost extra centimeters, inflamed skin and heaviness in the stomach. Think of useful analogues of your favorite dishes, look for interesting recipes.
  18. Keep your back straight. Good posture Makes you slimmer, you will always look better with straightened shoulders and even back.
  19. Eat more protein - it helps to lose weight. Replace easily digestible carbohydrates with proteins and observe how your weight decreases.
  20. Cellulite is not a sentence. Your skin will become taut and smooth again, if you seriously engage in sports and adjust the diet. do not be lazy!
  21. Alcohol brings your beauty with incomparable damage. It is better not to use it at all, in extreme cases - white wine with mineral water.
  22. Farewell to yourself of weakness. If it so happened that you could not resist and ate excess - do not measly yourself. Just remember how it was unpleasant at heart after the third consecutive dessert. Beauty is more important than the momentary pleasure that harmful food brings.

To achieve excellence, accustom yourself to track,What you do, what you eat. Do not live in a fog, in an automatic mode. You will definitely come to the desired goal, you only need to really want. To please yourself, it is worth trying - then you will definitely be Please other people.

Show your friends this little reminder that you need to work on yourself. Perfection knows no bounds!!