/ How to lose weight in a week

How to lose weight for a week

The secret of this miracle diet is that you spendEnergy that comes with food, on its digestion and easily grow thin. If you want to quickly come to the right shape, this meal plan is ideal for realizing the goal.

hunger Do not torture you during a diet - onDuring the day, you can eat these foods in large quantities. Of course, in not too large, if you want to achieve a real result. To protect yourself from Vitamin deficiency, You can take a multivitamin complex during this program.

Exercise will also be very useful,But if you completely deny the sport, do not worry - losing weight will happen even without additional stress on the body. Motivation is already present in you, spring is coming! Try this way to find the ideal figure without risk to health.

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How to lose weight in a week

  1. Fruit day
    Eat any fruit, except bananas, throughout the day. Best promotes weight loss watermelon. A watermelon day will make you lighter and thinner instantly.

    Of course, there are watermelons needed in the season, so be content with other fruits if you are determined to lose weight right now.


  2. Vegetable day
    The second day - eat whole vegetables: fresh, stewed, boiled. Do not eat legumes and corn. surprise! Today you can have dinner with baked potatoes with butter.
  3. Vegetables + fruits
    Enjoy all kinds of vegetables and fruits all day long. Prepare a salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice and chili pepper - it is very tasty and will make weight loss even more swift. Yes, potatoes are no longer possible today.
  4. Bananas + yogurt
    do not be surprised: Today you can and should eat bananas, your body needs additional mineral substances, and in bananas there is a lot of potassium. For a day you can eat as many as 8 bananas, drink 8 glasses of skim milk and eat low-fat yogurt. Just a fairy tale, not a diet!
  5. Chicken + tomatoes
    The whole day your diet should be chicken and fresh tomatoes. Chicken can be replaced with a turkey, if there is a possibility and desire.

    Be sure to drink plenty of water - every tomato eaten should be compensated with 1 glass of plain water, so that the body is cleaned of excess salts and acids.

    tomato juice

  6. Chicken + vegetables
    Chicken and any vegetables at your discretion - a menu for the day. Of course, without potatoes and legumes.
  7. Soup day
    Prepare a wonderful soup that you can eat all day and burn the remaining excess fat grams.

    2 large onions, 1 zucchini, 1 bell pepper, tomatoes, celery and greens - the components of soup.svari all vegetables with spices, ready to grind the soup in a blender.

To lose weight, it is enough to always remember your goal. As soon as your hand is drawn to products not included in this diet, remember why you started a diet.

Will power enough for any person to hold out in this mode for 7 days, and the result is definitely worth it! During this Balanced weight loss Unloads the liver, resting the stomach, the blood sugar level returns to normal.

It's time to find the figure that you always wanted to have - try this week-long diet. Tell your friends about it, it can be very important information for them.