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The Benefits of Sugar

Sugar is not in vain called a "white death." The dominance of harmful food, generously flavored with sugar, gives rise to an increasing number of people suffering from diabetes. It is worth controlling the amount of sugar that you eat every day, because everyone has a risk of getting sick of this unpleasant disease!

Instead of throwing an extra spoonfulSugar in tea, use the product not how you used to do it. These 10 ways of unusual use of sugar will not exactly leave you indifferent - it turns out, sugar can be excellent Assistant in the home. About this I hear for the first time ...

Useful properties of sugar

  1. fresh flowers
    Add a vase of flowers 3 tbsp. L. Sugar and 2 tbsp. L. Vinegar. Flowers for a long time will please you with their freshness and beauty!
  2. Salvation from spicy food
    After you ate something very sharp,Just put a spoonful of sugar in your mouth. Sugar very quickly soothes the irritated mucous. It is not necessary to swallow sugar - it's useless, after a curative effect, spit it out.
  3. Salvage from burns
    The burn is not just from spicy food. In the case when you have taken too much hot liquid, use sugar to relieve the burn and pain. Hold some sugar in your mouth and spit it out.
  4. Odor removal
    To remove the smell of coffee and spices from the grinder, just grind a little sugar in it.
    Benefit of sugar
  5. Stain remover
    Sugar can cope with difficult spots! Put wet sugar on a stain, for example, from grass, leave the thing for an hour. The result is very decent.
  6. Lifhak per million
    Do you want lipstick to last longer? Make up your lips, sprinkle them with sugar. Wait a little and slip it. Magic effect!
  7. Skin scrub
    Hold a salon treatment at home: Mix sugar, olive oil and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. You get a real sugar scrub. Massage your skin with this miracle tool - tenderness and silkiness will pleasantly surprise you.
  8. Lip scrub
    So that the lipstick lies perfectly on the lips, rub it with a sugar scrub before applying makeup.
    Benefit of sugar
  9. Cleanser
    Wash your hands of engine oil and mazut - an easy matter for sugar scrub. A mixture of sugar and any oil will help to clean hands, after applying scrub it is enough just to wash them with plain water.
  10. A new word in medicine
    A sugar bandage prevents the development of bacteria on the wounds. The whole point is that sugar can clean up excess moisture, and without it, bacteria can not survive.

Now my attitude to sugar has changed. This is an excellent product that Really useful. And I want to make a sugar scrub and feel its wonderful effect. Share your experience of using sugar, there are probably more non-standard ways of using it.