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How to use the space under the stairs

It is no secret that the house of the modern man is beginning to rush up every year in the literal sense of the word. In pursuit of rationality and comfort, people are even trying to Small space To use the maximum, so the houses are getting higher, and the stairs in them appear more and more.

So that Correctly use every corner of your house, You need to remember that any design solutionShould not only be beautiful, but also practical. Remember that every free meter of your house is a real opportunity to adapt this place to something useful.

Place under the stairs - an undeservedly forgotten corner in the house. If there is a staircase in your home, then, believe me, the space under it can serve for various purposes. Remember even the famous wizard of all times and nations Harry Potter, who, according to the book, spent his whole life before the school of sorcerers lived just in a small room under the stairs.

You probably have thought about it many times, Where to place all the items in the house Or how to usefully use the unused range? "so simple!" Offers your attention 20 ideas, how you can creatively use the space under the stairs. Get ideas now!

Ideas on how to use the space under the stairs

  1. How about here such a mini-kitchen under the stairs?
  2. Place under the stairs

  3. For real bookworms - an excellent place for books that the house does not find.
  4. Place under the stairs

  5. If there is enough space under the stairs, a cozy mini-bedroom is provided for you.
  6. Place under the stairs

  7. A great solution for a large family, when there is usually not enough space for towels and other things.
  8. Place under the stairs

  9. Shelves under the stairs - a good opportunity to place beautifully things that often do not have enough space.
  10. Place under the stairs

  11. For romantics - a great place for photo frames, statuettes and other "love junk."
    Place under the stairs

  12. When the house is cramped, this place can replace the whole hallway.
  13. Place under the stairs

  14. Nowhere to put the bikes? Lovers of cycling, the way out is found!
  15. Place under the stairs

  16. You want to surprise the guests - to make a real mini-bar under the stairs.
    Place under the stairs

  17. And in such a zealous space there is a place not only for drinking, but for all the dishes in the house.
  18. Place under the stairs

  19. In these baskets you can store everything that your heart desires, and everything that there was no other place in the house.
  20. Place under the stairs

  21. For aristocrats - a good idea for placing wine racks. Here is the taste!
  22. Place under the stairs

  23. Is your profession connected with design and drawings? A good place to hide all the papers!
  24. Place under the stairs

  25. Some manage to make there a bathroom for guests.
  26. Place under the stairs

  27. Or even a whole living room ...
  28. Place under the stairs

  29. A vintage chest of drawers and a cozy armchair - it's better to not find places for tea drinking!
  30. Place under the stairs

  31. Not that the library, but the whole hut-reading room!
  32. For practical people - an excellent opportunity to organize a workspace.
  33. Place under the stairs

  34. Secret room in the house - this is the turn!
  35. Place under the stairs

  36. What about gaming for kids?
  37. Place under the stairs

As you see, the presence of a staircase in the house is an excellent occasion to reflect on Proper organization of space, As well as the opportunity to show their creativeAbility. Here is shown only the smallest of how you can beat the place under the stairs. Perhaps you use one of these ideas or even come up with something new. Believe me, the designer lives in each of us, especially when it comes to your own home!

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