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Advice for women over 35

A woman who already turned 35 is a formed, wise person. She knows exactly what she needs for happiness.

The truth is, it happens that women of this age suddenly wake up a little girl inside and they behave as if they are again 18.

of course, age - state of mind. But in its own way beautiful any period in life - youth, youth, maturity. You need to be able to enjoy the delights of the time that has come in your life. Here are a few wise truths, of which it is not a sin to remind once again.

Women for 35, no matter how wise they are, it is also peculiar to make mistakes ...

Advice to women

  1. Wake up in my own bedroom - preciousGift itself. Long and fun parties will remain in your memory even more beautiful, if at the end of the holiday you will do everything possible to go on vacation home.
  2. Any snacks throughout the day are best replaced with a glass of water.
  3. Sleep is the best means of guaranteeing beauty. Choose sweet dreams instead of cases that you can do well tomorrow, midnight vigils will not do you good.
  4. makeup

  5. Spend money on travels - vivid memories make people younger, happier and more beautiful.
  6. Avoid value judgments. How tempting sometimes to gossip and speak out on exciting occasions! But more effective and useful - silently retire to work. To climb into other people's business is to spoil karma.
  7. Unbalanced and strange people are missing everywhere. Spend your time and energy on them only if it's your job and you get paid for it. In another situation, send inadequate personalities away.
  8. A thrilling love adventure can not be a priority Good earnings. If there is such a choice - well, everything is suspended, do not make decisions hotly.
  9. umbrella

  10. Arguing is an empty lesson. It is easier to agree and stay with your opinion.
  11. No beauty salon will not work so well for your appearance, like a couple of days spent alone.
  12. Feats in your blood, but no representative of the male is not worth it to languish all evening in uncomfortable shoes.

To remain a real woman at any age is a whole art. At 35 you already understand how everything is relative in the world, and do not pursue the illusory ideals.

Wisdom gives you a magical power to control your life, remember that you - wise woman, Act accordingly. And then at 45 you will not have to regret anything!

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