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Coffee for beauty and health

Unforgettable taste and smell of coffee make it Favorite hot drink Millions of people. It's not strange: it perfectly tones and invigorates. Except that coffee will improve your overall condition and mood, it can also improve the appearance of your skin. Coffee is also a wonderful way to strengthen hair.

It's no secret that many nutrition specialists have recently commented Useful properties of coffee. Moreover, to the amazing qualities of coffeeEven cosmetologists began to look after the grains. So we give you 6 undeniable facts that will make you use coffee for health and beauty.

Coffee for beauty

  1. Coffee against bruises and bags under the eyes.
    Coffee is a good vasodilating product, so it can be used as a remedy for bags under the eyes. True, here you will need natural coffee.

    It needs to be cooked and cooled, sugar in coffeeMix it is not necessary. Forever, apply a nourishing cream and let it absorb. Further soak in the already withered coffee padded discs, put them on your eyes, then 15-20 minutes hold this compress. In addition, coffee can also be relieved for some time not only from bags, but also from bruises under the eyes.

  2. Coffee is the best body scrub for all time.
    Everyone knows that caffeine tones up the skin,Improves microcirculation of blood, stimulates many physiological and biochemical processes in the body, for example, the splitting of fats. Moreover, caffeine activates the cellular exchange (which is priceless for those who want to look young) and the lymph drainage. So it is part of many anti-cellulite products.

    You can prepare an effective scrub in your homeConditions: just mix 1 tsp. Olive oil or water and 1 tsp. Natural coffee. It is better to do this with olive oil, since then you kill two birds with one stone: the skin is cleansed and moistened.

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  4. Coffee helps improve the complexion.
    Studies have shown that coffee improves colorFace, smoothes wrinkles and fights with clogged pores. To make an effective mask, add a glass of fresh milk 3 tsp. Ground coffee. Massage the massage, apply this mixture on the face and neck and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water. The skin will be soft and silky, like a baby!
  5. Coffee makes you happier.
    Data from the United States National Institute of HealthConfirm that those who drink 3 or more cups of natural coffee a day are 10% less likely to be depressed than those who do not at all consume this drink. In fact, there is nothing to be surprised at: everything is due to the antioxidants contained in this fragrant miracle.
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  7. More coffee - less stress.
    It was able to find out the scientists of SeoulNational university. Experiments were performed on rats. Animals that experienced stress due to malaise and lack of sleep, were allowed to sniff coffee beans. What was the astonishment of scientists when they noticed that after this changes occur at the level of brain proteins responsible for stress. However, this concerns only the stress caused by insomnia.
  8. Coffee is the best friend of healthy hair.
    It's not a secret that coffee is an excellentNatural dye. However, if you have light or red hair, the use of coffee masks should be excluded. But the brunette hair mask with coffee will be just right, because coffee not only cares for hair and scalp, but also refreshes the color of dark hair. In addition, coffee perfectly gives shine even to the most dull and "dead" hair.

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So that from now on you will not perceive coffeeOnly as a favorite drink. This universal means for beauty and health should certainly be in your house. A truly wonderful product for both the body and the soul!

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