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How to improve the appearance

Do you know that the usual things you do every day or, conversely, forget to do, greatly affect your appearance? Often people write off a bad appearanceAge, the impact of ecology or stress. But most often it's bad habits that seriously affect your beauty. Experts call 10 things that adversely affect the appearance.

The habits that you need to get rid of

  1. Long walks without sunscreen

    Use of sunscreen should bePart of your daily life. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause premature wrinkles and dark spots. Doctors recommend people, regardless of their skin type, use creams with UV filters before going outside.

  2. smoking

    Smoking reduces the flow of blood to the skin and this can lead to its premature aging. Studies have shown that wrinkles are more frequent in smoking women than in men who smoke.

  3. Sleep with make-up
    Sleep with make-up

    Sometimes it happens that there is simply no time and energy to remove makeup before bed. If this is repeated many times, then your pores can clog and because of this comedones will appear.

  4. alcohol

    Excessive drinking of alcohol has a bad effect on the skin, as it causes its dehydration. Alcohol also dilates the blood vessels, which leads to the formation of a vascular network on the cheeks and nose.

  5. Use of dirty applicators for make-up
    makeup brushes

    Regularly washing its accessoriesFor applying makeup: brushes, sponges, puffs and sponges. The cause of rashes, allergies or acne on the skin can be dust and dead skin cells that accumulate on the applicators.

  6. Visit to the solarium

    Not only walks under active solarRays are dangerous to the skin, but also UV rays in the solarium. This way of getting a tan can cause dehydration of the skin, early wrinkles, and there is a big risk of getting melanoma (skin cancer).

  7. Habit of gnawing nails
    Habit of gnawing nails

    This occupation not only spoils your appearance,Making your hands not well-groomed, but also negatively affecting your health. When you wash your hands, it is impossible to wash off all the bacteria, most of them remain under the fingernails. If you gnaw on your nails, then microbes can easily get into your body. It is believed that any habit is formed in 21 days. To get rid of the manner of biting your nails, you can try for 3 weeks to grease your nails with pepper or mustard.

  8. Extrusion of acne
    Extrusion of acne

    When squeezing acne, you spread bacteria and risk bringing an infection. Pimples will disappear by themselves, you just need to choose the right skin care.

  9. Diets

    Diets have a negative impact on the appearanceany person. Because of them metabolism slows down, muscles weaken, your body also loses vital minerals and vitamins. In order to lose weight, you need to switch to proper nutrition, to do cardio workouts with power loads.

  10. Lack of sleep
    Lack of sleep

    If you sleep less than 8 hours a day, thenThe body increases the production of stress hormones. They reduce the amount of collagen that gets the skin. And when there is a lack of sleep, concentration and energy are lost, psychological problems begin and the metabolism slows down.

Get rid of bad habits that are negativeAffect your appearance. Instead add a few useful ones. For example, drink a glass of water with lemon every morning on an empty stomach or pass daily 4 km on foot.

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