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Useful properties of figs

Probably, many times I have heard aboutSuch an unusual fruit called "figs", but not everyone knows how it looks. Fig is covered with a thin skin with small hairs. Yellow-green fruits are more common, but also red, black and white. Also called a wine berry, fig tree or fig tree fruit.

Figs is one of the most useful and tastyFruit. Although figs are a seasonal fruit, it can be purchased all year round in dried form. It is rich in vitamins of groups a and b, as well as phosphorus, calcium and iron. It also contains a lot of easily digestible sugar, which does not harm your figure.

Useful properties of figs


  1. Freshens breath
    In order to get rid of bad breath, you eat 2-3 fig fruit.
  2. Increases sexual attraction
    Figs have long been used to increase potency. Soak 5 figs in milk for the night and eat them in the morning.
  3. Dissolves kidney stones
    Pour a cup of water and boil over it. Drink this drink daily for a month in order to dissolve the kidney stones. Apply this method only at the initial stages of the disease.
  4. Dries pimples
    Pour the flesh of fresh figs on the whole face for 20Minutes. This remedy is great for treating acne. With the help of fresh fig juice you can also get rid of warts. Do once a week such a compress.
  5. Controls the course of diabetes
    Figs contain potassium, which helps to reduceThe content of insulin in the blood. Every day, consume 5 seeds of a fig tree with one teaspoon of honey to control diabetes. After the first week you will see the result.
  6. Strengthens bones
    A high calcium content in fig fruits will help strengthen your bones.
  7. Is used for chicken pox
    Figs are used to relieve the course of a disease such as chicken pox.
  8. Effective for weight loss
    Dried figs accelerate metabolism, helps to reduce weight and satisfy hunger. In order to lose weight, weld the compote of the fig tree fruit.
  9. Reduces sore throat
    To get rid of the pain in the throat, take 3 fig fruits to 1 cup of boiling milk. Leave for 10 minutes on fire. The resulting broth drink in a warm form.
  10. Heals constipation
    For the treatment of constipation, eat dried figs, mixed with honey, for a month every morning.

Fig is a very useful treat, both fresh and dried. This is real A storehouse of vitamins and microelements. Figs are very sweet and often used for making desserts. Include your imagination and turn any fig dish into a work of art with the help of fig tree fruit.

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